In the shop of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (Servants’ House) you can buy the following goods:

– “Memoirs about Russian painters” by Vsevolod Mamontov (150 rubles), “Old Abramtsevo” by Nikolay Prakhov (150 rubles), “Abramtsevo” by Natalya Polenova (150 rubles), “Abramtsevo album. Estate Abramtsevo during the Mamontovs” by Andrey Gorodnyanskiy, “Memoirs”, “The Scarlet Flower”, “The good day of Stepan Mikhailovich”, “Childhood Years of Bagrov Grandson”, “Stories about nature” by Sergey Aksakov and the other books;

– catalogues and booklets of exhibitions: “Jury Khmelevskoy. In search of Inscape” (100 rubles), “At last we found an estate. Owners and guests” (50 rubles); “Vasily Polenov. Works by Vasily Polenov from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” and private collections” (500 rubles), “Viktor Vasnetsov. Works by Viktor Vasnetsov from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” and private collections” (500 rubles), “Rostan Tavasiev. Paintings. Graphics” (70 rubles), “Ilya Mashkov. In own parts. Paintings, graphics” (80 rubles), “Olga’s boards. Oleg and Olga the Danilovs” (80 rubles), “Near the Pokrovsky Monastery. Artists of Radonezh Region to the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh” (150 rubles), “About valour, heroics and glory… Sculptor Soslanbek Tavasiev” (80 rubles), “15 KU. Anatoly Kuznetsov abd his students. Paintings, graphics” (100 rubles), “Maria Andronova. Gouashe. Watercolours. Natalya Egorshina. Pottery” (70 rubles), “For Radonezh with love. Olga Kozlova. Jyri Leonov” (70 rubles), “Different people, but similar in inspiration…” Works by Pushkin in art of Abramtsevo artists” (80 rubles), “How I catch the Firebird. Vladimir Potemkin. Paintings. Graphics” (70 rubles), “Linking the origins. Sculpture. Pottery. Tapestry. Graphics” (70 rubles), “40 silkscreens. Sergey Alimov” (80 rubles);

- art reproductions of the artists of Abramtsevo circle (Valentin Serov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Apollinary Vasnetsov, Ilya Repin, Elena Polenova, Alexander Kiselev, Alexandra Mamontova, Ilya Ostroukhov, etc.), and souvenirs that will help you keep your memories about the trip to Abramtsevo:

- magnets (50 rubles);

– goods by Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory;

– magnet appointment books (80 rubles);

– magnet markers (50 rubles);

– souvenir notebooks (60 rubles);

– set of mats for cups (150 rubles);

– book marks (4 pcs in set, 80 rubles);

– decorative plates (740 rubles);

– single tea set (300 rubles);

- and the other goods.

Below you can see the images of souvenir goods of the Museum-Reserve. Also you can buy the goods by Dmitrov Porcelain Factory “Verbilki”, Gzel Porcelain Factory, Dulyovo Porcelain Factory, Bogorodskoye wood carving Factory and the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial College named after Viktor Vasnetsov.



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