Exhibition of Works by the Sculptor Raisa Lysenina



Exhibition period: October 27 – November 26, 2017

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


October 27, 2015 . the Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” opened the exhibition of works by sculptor Raisa Lysenina “The Way to Yourself”.

Born on November 19, 1955 in Ryazan, she graduated from the department of art stone processing of the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School (today College) named after Viktor Vasnetsov (1975).

With thanks and deep appreciation Raisa Lysenina devotes this exhibition to her teachers of the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School.

Several years after the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School the artist graduated from the faculty of monumental and decorative sculpture of the Leningrad Higher Industrial and Art School named after Vera Mukhina (1987).

Raisa Lysenina lives in her hometown Ryazan, works in the sphere of the easel and monumental-decorative sculpture. As the artist of a wide range of creative abilities and talents, she embodies her ideas in stone and bronze, ceramics, glass and wood.

The sculptor is a constant participant of international and Russian art exhibitions (since 1987), the participant of international, All-Russian and regional sculptural symposiums on stone (since 1991).

Since 2012 one is the most picturesque places of Khotkovo is decorated by the sculptural composition “St. Piotr and Fevroniya”, made by Larisa Lysenina during the stone symposium “Khotkovo Seasons – 2012”. It has become an enjoyable tradition for newly-married couples to come to this sculpture.

Moreover, Raisa Lysenina is the participant of international and All-Russian Ice and Snow Sculpture Festivals (since 1990). She is the founder and President of a non-profit organization “Creative Heritage”, which is engaged in the preservation of heritage of the passed away artists from Ryazan (since 2004).

Exposition presents monumental sculpture, small plastic arts and sculptural compositions.






Exhibition “Elizaveta Mamontova. The 170th Anniversary from the Date of the Birth”



Exhibition period: September 22, 2017 – November 6, 2017

Location: Polenov's Dacha


September 22, 2017 the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” opened a new exhibition about the owner of the Abramtsevo Estate, the wife of Savva Mamontov Elizaveta Grigorievna Mamontova. She played a great role in the history of Artistic union, known as Abramtsevo Artistic Circle. She created a special atmosphere in the Estate – active and at the same time cozy.

Elizaveta Mamontova was born on September 1 (13), 1847 in the family of famous textile manufacturers the Sapozhnikovs. From the childhood she was serious, calm, showed great abilities in Mathematics, Literature, but most of all she was involved with Music, and at one time she took music lessons from a concert pianist Clara Schumann.

During the trip along Italy she met Savva Mamontov and in April, 1865 they got married. Elizaveta Mamontova belonged to Russian women who had been brought up in novels by Ivan Turgenev that is women who can make their own independent choice.

Elizaveta Mamontova was actively engaged in charity. She established a hospital, a joinery school for children at Abramtsevo. “An attempt to combine reading and writing and artistic development of population” by Valentin Serov was first implemented in a small Abramtsevo school. Later it was restructured into an artistic enterprise known as Abramtsevo joinery, and Elena Polenova became its first director.

Elizaveta Mamontova paid a great deal of attention to creation of home museum, building of church, participation in home performances. She did not imagine her life without art, books, the sustainable development and self-improvement. By the end of the 60s when the first women’s classes began in Moscow, Elizaveta Mamontova attended a specialized training course on Mathematics; having 5 children she visited the lectures of Vasiliy Klyuchevsky, Ivan Sechenov, and studied history of antique art.

This exhibition presents portraits of Elizaveta Mamontova, her children and their educators, documents, books, household items and personal belongings, “home museum” materials and products of Abramtsevo joinery workshop.






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