Exhibition “Leonid Pisarev. Natalia Nesterova. Painting”



Exhibition period: April 28 – June 3, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


The project “Leonid Pisarev. Natalia Nesterova. Painting” presents over 40 works by the artists. This exhibition is the jubilee – Leonid Pisarev celebrates his 80th birthday on April 28. He was a student of Alexander Deineka, worked in the field of monumental painting and architecture, and practiced an easel art. During last decade the artist organized some personal exhibitions including an exhibition in the magazine “Our Heritage” (“Portraits of Houses”, 2010). He teaches courses in painting in the department of scenography of GITIS (State University of Theater Art). Works for this exhibition were selected very strict and “conceptually”. The artist shares his intense and at the same time light “thoughts” about the basis of Russian life, its utopia and powerful nature.

Leonid Pisarev and Natalia Nesterova have been working for years and have great experience in joint creative projects. He remembers, when in the end of the 1960s girls from Moscow secondary art school broke into the Moscow Academic Art Institute named after Surikov. He had chosen Natasha Nesterova. Natasha had chosen him. And their son Lyova had chosen them both. They have travelled the country from Kamchatka to Pamir, watched and painted. For several years Natalia became a real artist.

Natalia Nesterova is the academician of Russian Academy of Arts, honored artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize and the “Triumph” Award, Professor of painting in GITIS. Annually her exhibitions are held in Moscow and New York. And in the first time – at Abramtsevo.

The exhibition presents “scenic” paintings by Natalia Nesterova. She is attentive and ironic. A man involved in a daily life is in the center of the world depicted by the artist. Then a painting follows, which is so extraordinary, exciting, surrealistic, that many critics and curators try to guess this mysterious play of language and shape. So it will be more interesting to look at the plastic interpretation of Abramtsevo.

As a rule, organizers of the Museum give the titles to exhibitions by themselves. Pisarev-Nesterova gave up on the title. There are their names in it, as a sign of individual artistic and emotional world perception.









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