Exhibition “Life in Abramtsevo”



Exhibition period: August 15 – September 16, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


September 15, 2018 an exhibition “Life in Abratmsevo. Painting. Anastasiya Sokolova, Valeriy Chernoritskiy, Nikita Chernoritskiy, Taisiya Chernoritskaya” was opened in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.

Anastasiya Sokolova and Valeriy Chernoritskiy are the corrsponding members of the Russian Academy of Arts. Their children Nikita and Taisiya are the students of the Moscow Academic Art Institute named after Surikov and the Moscow Academic Art High School of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Exhibition of artistic family is a fact, that deserves special attention. The Sokolovs – Chernoritskiye live in Abramtsevo Artistic village in summer and autumn. And name of the exhibition was born by this life. Abramtsevo is a place of inspiration and creativity for them.

Valeriy Chernoritskiy is famous by his monumental works, which it is possible to see in Lithuania, Corsica and Umbria. These works are the painting of chapels, which were made together with his wife Nastya Sokolova during 1991 – 2008.

Nikita and Taisiya the Chernoritskiye are the furiously dedicated people to art. “Furiously” is about a temperament. Such quantity of sketches, drawings, picturesque paintings and pencil sketches is possible to see, but not by so young painters.

The artists show the Abramtsevo painting – landscapes, garden still-life, family portraits and portraits of citizens of the village.

Abramtsevo – always new and constant – gives the Sokolovs-Chernoritskiye inspiration to paint! And the motives are the same as for the Mamontovs' friends – artists – flowers and grass. Portraits of contemporaries-neighbors (Taisiya Goryaeva, Alexey Shmarinov, Sergey Alimov, Tom Patterson) depict not an individual plastic arts, but a general Abramtsevo country mood of melancholy and beautiful comfort and calm.

The exhibition invites spectators into the world of chamber, lyrical, calm, colored “the Moscow school” of painting.







Exhibition of Painting and Graphics by Alexander Berezin



Exhibition period: July 17 – August 19, 2018

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (Kooperativnaya 23, Khotkovo, Sergiev Posad district, Moscow region)


July 17, 2018 an exhibition of works by the artist Alexander Berezin began its work in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. He is a painter and a graphic artist; his works are in genres of painting, still-life painting and portrait.

Alexander Berezin was born in May 27, 1935 in Kharkov. During the years of the Great Patriotic War he had experienced all the horrors of occupation. His father died at the front, his mother died too, and a little child got into an orphanage. In March 1948 his aunt took him away an orphanage and brought to Abramtsevo. She worked in Abramtsevo military hospital, and then after war – in a rest house.

Living near the artists’ village, Alexander Berezin met famous Soviet masters of Arts, such as Pavel Radimov, Igor Grabar, Dementiy Shmarinov and Alexey Orlov. He was lucky to watch the work by sculptor Vera Mukhina. Magic landscapes of Abramtsevo have been a source of inspiration for the work of artist.

The exhibition presents works from an author’s collection. If you try to find a key to understand a difficult simplicity of the art by Alexander Berezin, so firstly it is important to point that a base of his works is a deep poetic feeling. Many works by the artist are of small size, but they are valued by their flavor and were finished skillfully. They overgrow the frames of a sketch and become independent paintings.








Exhibition “I am Radimov Pavel, an Artist and a Poet…”



Exhibition period: July 14 – August 12, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


An exhibition “I am Radimov Pavel, an artist and a poet…” is devoted to works by one of the most Abramtsevo artists of the 20th century Pavel Radimov (1887 – 1967).

Who is the artist of Abramtsevo? Abramtsevo artist is a synonym with the singer of nature. Nature is endowed with spiritual element, in which the love of the Creator is felt most directly. In different times artists visited Abramtsevo and felt the uniqueness and spirit of this place. Radimov has lived in Abramtsevo village of artists more than 30 years. However, the matter is not in longevity, but in dedication and tenderness, in his own “intonation”, he used to tell about Abramtsevo in his poems and picturesque works.

This exhibition introduces a small amount of artistic heritage of Pavel Radimov. But the exhibitors wanted to show the personality of artist with the help of his works, personal items and an archive. He is a friend and student of Nikolay Pheshin, a friend of Sergey Esenin and Vladimir Mayakovskiy. When he joined the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (Peredvizhniki), Ilya Repin and Vasiliy Polenov acted as guarantors. By circumstances he became the last chairman of the Association and the first of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (AKhRR). In 1934 he participated in foundation of Novo-Abramtsevo dacha-cooperate not far from the legendary estate. He published the collections of his poems, holded exhibitions, traveled across Country of Soviets (Turkmenistan, Belorussia, Tartary, Uzbekistan, Chuvashia, Bashkiria), took part in foreign exhibitions in Venice, London, Berlin, New-York, Munich, Cologne, Stockholm. Regarding Abramtsevo, it gave him a rare feeling of peace.

The exhibition of works by Pavel Radimov will be held from July 14 to August 12. Last personal exhibition was held in Moscow in 1962 (it was coincided to the 75th anniversary from the birth).








Exhibition “Phantasmagoria by Sergey Alimov”



Exhibition period: June 9 – July 8, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


June 9, 2018 an exhibition “Phantasmagoria by Sergey Alimov” was opened in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abratmsevo”. Exhibition is coincided with the anniversary - 80 years from the birth of one of the most famous Russian animation designer, graphic artist and illustrator Sergey Alimov.

The exhibition combines graphic sheets connected with theme “Russian fantastic story”. Besides book illustrations the exhibition presents works to animation films and theatre sketches including the sketches of puppets for the performances of the Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov.

The visitor will see about 50 works over the years and will estimate the originality of plastic manner of the master, his creative phases and versatility of experience.

The exhibition runs till July 8, 2018.







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