Exhibition “Elena Prorokova. When Animation Was a Cartoon”



Exhibition period: April 29 – May 28, 2017

Location: Polenov's Dacha


Exhibition “Elena Prorokova. When animation was a cartoon” is the beginning of a new section “Our close neighbors”. Art designer and animation director Elena Prorokova spends every summer in her summerhouse at Abramtsevo. She takes a very active part in life of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. So, in 2015 together with her husband she made all artistic part of the project “Boris Prorokov. Flowers and Years”, which was devoted to the memory of the artist-warrior and graphic artist Boris Ivanovich Prorokov. Nobody’s left untouched: the Prorokovs have been able to organize the space in such a manner that it sharply hit on an indifference and apathy of everyone.

This exhibition is about animation. Looking through her working materials, Elena Prorokova understood: nothing ended, life of the cinema goes on, so let it sounds in a slightly unusual format of the museum exhibition. And … the idea of the project “When animation was a cartoon” was born.

In the 1980s Elena Prorokova shot “the female” movies (it is a credo of artist, although her colleagues consider works by Prorokova as “the male, strong” ones). In the end of the 1980s everything has changed. “New time – new songs”. Strict situation with studio: the state budget could not almost finance cinema production, searches of sponsors began, and everybody was striving to become a businessman and to make the commercial cinema. Elena Prorokova tried to save the studio from being totally crushed, she was an initiator of new projects and at the same time was shooting a new film “The Way Out” (the working version is “The Stream of Consciousness”). The artist remembered her childhood and thought about future. The present was too onerous. Now it is behind.

Elena Prorokova has worked at the “Soyuzmultfilm” film studio 29 years (1974-2003). As the director, Elena Prorokova made such animation films as “THE PREIST HAD A DOG” (1982), “ABOUT THE RIVER” (1983), “THE FOWLER” (1984), “THE TALE ABOUT THE STUPID HUSBAND” (1986), “FROM NINE TO SIX” (1987), “MIKKO - PAVLOVAS SON” (1989), “WELCOME TO THE XXITH CENTURY” (1993), “THE WAY OUT” (1982). As the art designer she has worked at the films “THE INHERITANCE OF THE MAGICIAN BAKHRAM” (1975), “THE LAST PETAL” (1977), “THE GATHERING OF MICE” (1978), “BRAVE NAZAR” (1981), “THE BUTTERFLY AND THE TIGER” (1978), “AT THE BACK SCHOOL-DESK” (1978), “RODAMUS QWERCKS DELUSION” (1983), “IVANUSHKO” (1991).

The exhibition presents sketches, storyboards, “the parts of technological chain”, search of character types, redrawings on celluloid, generally, all “kitchen” of working artistic process. Absolutely unique material, a kind of ‘vanishing scenery’ is possible to see there. Here is time and experience of that animation cinema that was a cartoon.

Of course, the work of our exhibition will be accompanied by the showing of cartoons.

The exhibition runs till May 28, 2017.





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