Bathhouse. Designed by Ivan Ropet.


The Bathhouse is the second building along with the Studio erected in "Russian" style under the project of Ivan Ropet (the real name of the architect was Ivan Petrov, 1844–1908) in 1877–1878.

The wooden one-storey cottage with an attic appeared in place of a dilapidated bathhouse of the Aksakovs, to the north of the Manor House. The porch at the south side leads into the anteroom connected with two small rooms. The interior of the north-east room is up to "Russian" designs of Ivan Ropet.

The stove is in the centre of the cottage and all the inner walls adjoin it. The building has a pyramidal roof that was first covered with red lead but at the beginning of the 20th century it was check-painted. Frontons, overhangs and the porch of the house are decorated by carved ornaments.

Small windows under the high roof and a short entrance door under the large "barrel" of the porch give to the building a fanciful look that resembled an old-fashioned Russian terem. The Mamontovs used it for the primary purpose but later it became a rest house. When the estate was turned into a museum the house became the exhibits depository. Today the Bathhouse holds the collection of units made in Abramtsevo joinery including furniture and household articles designed by Yelena Polenova and other artists