Dear guests! The Museum works according to the winter shedule: expositions are open from 10.00 am till 6.00 pm, on Mondays and Tuesdays the park is open only.



Manor House, Studio, Kitchen, Bathhouse, Church of the Savior, Polenov`s Dacha, Kitchen.







The following categories of people have the right to visit Studio, Polenov’s Dacha, Bathhouse, and the Church of the Savior for free on the last Wednesday of every month (on presentation of relevant documentation):

– Pensioners, students and large families.

Free tickets are provided for:
– people under 16;
– children, who live in orphanages and homes for disabled citizens;
– pupils of the Suvorov Military Schools and the Nakhimov Naval Academies;
– people drafted into the army;
– Heroes of the Soviet Union;
– Heroes of the Russian Federation;
– Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory;
– Great Patriotic War participants; ;
– disabled people;
– museum workers;
– members of Union of Artists;
– Students of Art Schools

For all the categories mentioned tours with a guide apply a charge.

Special price and free tickets are provided by submission of appropriate documents, that prove the right to benefits (art. 12 of "Fundamentals of the Russian Federation legislation on culture", part 2, established by the Russian Federation Federal Law on 23 June 1999, № 115-ФЗ).
Students of the state higher institutions, members of families having more than two children have a free visitation day – last Wednesday of every month (art. 12 of "Fundamentals of the Russian Federation legislation on culture", see above).