Polenov's Dacha. 1882



Take a virtual tour of the exhibition "A millionaire, an artist and all around, an actor" (devoted to the anniversary of Mamontov) at the Polenov's Dacha


Polenov's Dacha was built by local carpenters in 1882.

This one-storey wooden house consists of a central part with two large rooms covered with a gable roof and a low annex with several small premises that adjoins to the southern façade. A terrace is at the western side.

The house was warmed by a stove and a fireplace covered with tiles imitating red bricks. The interior was plain – board floor and walls, a table, benches and a cabinet. The house was set up for a young couple, the artist Vasily Polenov and Natalya Yakunchikova who got married in the new-built Abramtsevo church in 1882. Primarily it served as a studio of the painter and then as a place for home performances. From the early 20th century it was let on lease and in summer time of the 1910s it was occupied by the writer Leonid Leonov.

During the World War I in 1915–1916 there was a hospital for visually impaired. Later some rooms were occupied by vacationers of the recreation center organized in Abramtsevo in the 20th century; the other premises became a cafeteria. Today the Polenov's Dacha houses temporary exhibitions.

Polenov`s Dacha. Fragment of the exhibition