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Name and short summary of exhibition

“Savva Mamontov: “Hasten to Live...”.
To the 100th anniversary from death of Savva Mamontov. Photos, graphics from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”

March 23 – April 22
Polenov's Dacha

Natalia Nesterova and Leonid Pisarev. Abramtsevo summerhouse motives in works of the artists of the second part of the XX century

April 28 – May 27
Polenov's Dacha

Theater of Sergey Alimov.
To the 80th anniversary from the birth of master. Sketches to the performances of Gogol Theater and Puppet Theater named after Sergey Obraztsov

June 2 – July 1
Polenov's Dacha

Pavel Radimov. Retrospective of art. From the collection of the Museum and collection of the family, illuminating the course of the Soviet artist (the 1912 – 1960)

July 5 – August 10
Polenov’s Dacha

Life in Abramtsevo. Painting of Anastasiya Sokolova and Valeriy Chernoritskiy. The descendants of the participant of the creative association “Kukriniksi” Nikolay Sokolov. Exhibition presents Abramtsevo landscapes and portraits of local citizens.

August 15 – September 16
Polenov's Dacha

Mikhail Mamontov. The forgotten artist.
Exhibition tells about nephew of Savva Mamontov, his biography and creative way. From the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Viktor and Appolinariy the Vasnetsovs Museum in Vyatka, descendants of the artist and others.

September 22 – October 25
Polenov's Dacha

Glaze through the ages. From the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” and the State Museum-Preserve “Tauric Chersonese”.

October 29 – December 10

Vrubel and Lermontov. Joint exhibition of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” and the Museum-Reserve “Tarkhani”. Works by Mikhail Vrubel in techniques of ceramics, graphics on the motives of poems by Mikhail Lermontov.

October 29 – December 15
Polenov's Dacha

Two “Snow Maidens”. Exhibition is devoted to 2 performances “The Snow Maiden”- in Russian Private Opera of Savva Mamontov and on the scene of MKHAT (director Konstantin Stanislavskiy)

Since December 20
Polenov's Dacha

Permanent Display. For the first time, exposition will be placed in three floors of the building “Russian artists of the 20th century in Abramtsevo”. Works by the prominent artists of creative associations such as “Jack of Diamons”, “Union of Russian Artists”, AKhRR (The Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia), OST, “severe style” and others.

“Russian Artists of the 20th century in Abramtsevo”

Artistic life of Khotkovo town. Permanent display. Works of Khotkovo wood carving craft, Khotkovo enterprises, and household items from local history collection of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries.
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Arts and Crafts Department

Valentina Bulygina. Edges of Inspiration. Ceramics from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” and private collections.

March 2 – April 15
Arts and Crafts Department

Alexey Mironov. Painting. Works of the contemporary painter: landscapes of Radonezh, cityscapes, complex picturesque compositions

April 20 – May 20
Arts and Crafts Department

Library of a Writer. Joint exhibition of art photography (interior and landscape photos) with places of life and creativity of Russian great writers of the 19th – 20th centuries.

May 24 – June 17
Arts and Crafts Department

Abramtsevo School of Bone Carving. Works of artist, carver and teacher of Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School named after Viktor Vasnetsov V.I. Nikolaev and his students, artists of decorative and applied arts.

August 25 – September 30
Arts and Crafts Department

Alexander Berezhin. Vibrant Colours of Dear Land
Painting, Graphics

July 17 – August 19
Arts and Crafts Department

Natalya and Svetlana the Palions

December 5 – January 1, 2019
Arts and Craffts Department

Graphics of Khotkovo. From the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. To the centenary of the Museum
Graphic works by Khotkovo artists – A. Toporkov, I. Altukhov, V. Kononenko and others.

October 10 – November 30
Arts and Crafts Department, the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo"

The Art to Bring Joy. To the memory of artist Yury Leonov. Works of art ceramics and picturesque works by Yury Leonov

November 4 – November 30
Arts and Crafts Department

Dmitriy Mitrokhin. Exhibition presents works of the 1920s and continues the series of exhibitions with illustrations of Soviet artists to the works of Nikolay Gogol.

Mezzanine of the Manor House

Old Moscow. Exhibition presents works of print graphics of the 19th century, which reflect the image of Old Moscow.

Mezzanine of the Manor House

Autographs of Moscow Artists. Exhibition presents lithographs of the following artists: Pryanishnikov, Myasoedov, Fedotov, Gribkov, printed in Moscow in workshop of Ergot. There an architecture, rural scenery, life scenes of the second half of the 19th century are depicted.

Mezzanine of the Manor House

An Open-Air Exhibition. “A Living Museum” - from classicism to romanticism. It presents information about the most interesting sightseeing of park, rare plants and flowers.

May - June
Mezzanine of the Manor House