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Name and short summary of exhibition

“Two Snowmaidens".
Performances by Savva Mamontov and Konstantin Stanislavskiy

December 21, 2018 - March 10, 2019
Polenov's Dacha

The Artists Valeriy Vorobyov and Anna Andrianova. An Angel with Patchwork Wings

December 21, 2018 - January 27, 2019
Arts and Crafts Department

The Muse of Revenge and Sorrow.
Something from Nekrasov

March 28 - June 10
Mezzanine of the Manor House

The Bogorodskoye Wood Sculpture. Peoples' Master of Russia Valentina Vaisero and Her Students

February 1-28
Arts and Crafts Department

Jakov Basov. Landscapes of Crimea

March 1-31
Arts and Crafts Department

"From the Holy Gospels"

March 15 - 21
Mezzanine of the Manor House

Tatiana Selvinskaya and Her Students

March 29 – April 29
Polenov's Dacha

Permanent Exhibition "Abramtsevo. The Art of the 20th Century"

August - October
Department "Abramtsevo. The 20th Century"

Larisa Lekhova. To the 75th anniversary from the Birth

April 5 - May 12
Polenov's Dacha

The Round Table. The Faculty of Stage Design of GITIS"

April 26 - March 19
Polenov's Dacha

The Artists Rashid and Inessa the Azbukhanovs. Carved Orthodox Icon
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May 24 - June 30
Arts and Crafts Department

Remembering Savva Mamontov

April 6 - June 2
Mezzanine of the Manor House

A Tribute to Fashion. Painting, Graphics, Decorative and Applied Art of the 19th-20th Centuries. From the collection of the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo" and the Museum-Reserve "Tarkhani"

June 20 – July 21
Polenov's Dacha

Oleg Danilov. The Turns

June 28 - July 28
Arts and Crafts Department

The Russian Folk Tales and Bywords

July 1 – September 10
Mezzanine of the Manor House

Nikolay Romadin. The Diary
Painting, Graphics

July 25 – August 25
Polenov's Dacha

Ilya Repin in the Mamontovs' Artistic Circle

June 17 – September 1
The Manor House. Bay Window

Alexandra Stvora

August 2 – September 8
Arts and Crafts Department

Ivan Chuikov

August 31 – September 22
Polenov's Dacha

The Baltic Landscapes. The Artist from Kaliningrad

September 13 - October 13
Arts and Crafts Department

The Russian Classics in Illustrations

September 20 - November 20
Mezzanine of the Manor House

"Faces of Nikolay Gogol". Nikolay Gogol in the art of Artists of the 19th - 20th Century

September 26 - October 27
Polenov's Dacha

Svetlana and Natalia the Palions. Painting

Ocotber 18 - November 17
Arts and Crafts Department

The Group of Nine. To the 90th Anniversary from the Birth of Nikolay Andronov

November 2 - December 1
Polenov's Dacha

Irina Babodei and the Company. The Project "Young Artists of Khotkovo"

November 22 - December 19
Arts and Crafts Department

Life of Things. Items of Decorative and Applied Arts, Painting, Graphics from the Collection of the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo"

December 6, 2018 - January 19, 2020
Polenov's Dacha