Mikhail Nesterov was born in Ufa. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1876–1880) and the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1881–1883). Nesterov was a painter and a graphic artist.

He was a member of the Society of Traveling Art Exhibitions (since 1891), the "World of Art" association (since 1900), the Union of Russian Artists (since 1903), a full member of the Academy of Arts (1910), Honorable Master of Art of Russia (1942).

Nesterov participated in the Abramtsevo Colony since 1888. At the turn of the 1880–1890s, he lived in Abramtsevo and nearby villages where he worked at the pictures "Hermit", "Visiting a Sorcerer: Love Drink is Needed" (both in 1888), "Vision to Youth Bartholomew" (1889–1990).

After the 1890s he visited Abramtsevo from time to time, painted landscapes, portraits, such as "Philosophers (Portrait of Pavel Florensky and Sergey Bulgakov)" (1917, all in the State Tretyakov Gallery). After the October Revolution, 1917, he took part in the establishment of the Abramtsevo Museum and now it keeps the artist's pictures and drawings.




Mikhail Nesterov. Vision to Youth Bartholomew. The author's duplicate. 1923


Mikhail Nesterov. The River Vorya in Abramtsevo. 1917