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The Aksakov Memorial House (the division of the National Museum of Republic Bashkortostan) presents an example of wooden architecture of the end of the 18th century; it is located in a picturesque place of the old part of Ufa city on the bank of the river Belaya. The house is built from Ural larch; the enfilade layout of rooms has survived until nowadays. From 1792 to 1797 the writer’s family lived here. This house of the Aksakovs is known to European reader as “the Family Nest” for the book by Sergey Aksakov “Childhood Years of Bagrov the Grandson”.

An exposition of the memorial part of the Aksakov Museum,in which an interior of the second half of the 18th century is reconstructed, introduces us the history of Ufa and the Ufa Vicegerency, the family chronicle of the Zubovs-the Aksakovs; shows as an urban setting, family and its life formed the spiritual world of the writer. In literary exposition of the Museum is possible to see different materials, which tell about training period of Sergey Aksakov in Kazan, his theatric and critic activity, about his creativity as a writer in terms of Russian literature of 18th -19th centuries, and his close inner circle. One of sections of the exposition is devoted to professional and personal life of Konstantin and Ivan the Aksakovs, who were the ideologists of Slavophilism. Literary and musical living room presents an interior of the Governor's House of the second half of the 19th century. Documental materials of this hall are connected with the activity of Sergey Aksakov’s son Grigoriy, who was the Governor of the Ufa Province in the middle of the 60s.

The unique setting and atmosphere of this place is the confirmation of that especial status, that it ranks among the other “Aksakov’s places”, which are intimately connected with the name of perfect Russian writer of the 19th century Sergey Aksakov.

The Museum fund amounts 1583 inventory items. Annually the Museum organizes the Aksakovs days, readings, exhibitions, literary and musical evenings, chamber classical and old music concerts, Maslenitsa and Christmas festivals.


News and information about exhibitions in the Aksakov Memorial House is possible to see here.

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