Exhibition of Works by Yury Khmelevskoy “Images of Inspiration”





Exhibition period: July 17 — August 16, 2020

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


The Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve is pleased with the new opportunity to present a personal exhibition of works by the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Yury Khmelevskoy, a famous Russian sculptor and a recognized master of decorative and applied art.

Yury Khmelevskoy is an artist of bright multifaceted talent, a follower of the high traditions of the Russian realistic sculptural school. The figurative depth and emotional richness of his works, bright artistic individuality, professionalism, mastery of sculptural techniques, sharp plastic language made him one of the most authoritative contemporary sculptors. The master's easel sculptures are in museums and private collections, and his monumental works adorn the squares of several Russian cities.

Our exhibition is timed to coincide with significant dates - the 75th anniversary of Yury Khmelevskoy and the 50th anniversary of his creative activity. The exhibition presents about 120 of his works created in different years. A special place is occupied by works performed by the master recently and for the first time presented to the audience.

All genres of plastic art by Yury Khmelevskoy are presented in exposition: monuments (in the form of posters and photographs), easel portrait, multi-figure composition, animalistic genre, decorative works, small plastic, reliefs and medals. Yury Khmelevskoy freely works in easel and monumental sculpture, in round plastic and relief, in miniature and carved icon, masterly owns the genre of portrait, multi-figure composition. Such versatility and flexibility in the coverage of genres and themes is a manifestation of the sculptor's creative power.

Plastics of Yury Khmelevskoy is distinguished by the vastness and depth of artistic design, truthfulness in revealing human experiences. He always turns to the innermost in the soul. The author, as it were, delicately, but persistently invites the viewer to talk and contemplate. The fabric of a volumetric narrative is fused in the sculptor's works with a very precise and organic plastic language, with an impeccable sense of proportionality between the scale of the sculpture and the person for whom they were created.

The subject matter of the master's works is diverse. The themes of the beauty of human relationships, family happiness, the joy of childhood, admiration and unity with nature are close to him. Among the variety of topics, two creative "ways" that Yury Khmelevskoy successfully passes: religious and historical ones stand out. Both of these themes have become a deeply felt part of the sculptor's self-consciousness, a form of artistic vision, and the author's ideology.

The religious theme is represented at the exhibition by a large number of sculptures, sculptural groups, reliefs, elaborated in detail and deeply studied in essence, the unifying principle for which is the Orthodox faith, church history and modern life of the Orthodox Church, and the search for truth. Plastically rethinking the iconographic canon, the artist transferred the images of the saints from a plane to a three-dimensional space and created a whole series of impressive images. These works, of course, are the very experience embodied in the material, a religious feeling, which is so important for the sculptor. It seems that this is why Khmelevskoy's images of Orthodox saints and images of church leaders of the past and present are so convincing, canonically frozen in their statuary holiness, and at the same time absolutely alive.

And works on a historical theme are the result of the author's long creative reflections on the classical historical heritage of Russia, on the fate of its public figures, representatives of science, culture, literature and art. It is noteworthy that among them a special place is occupied by sculptural portraits of famous personalities of Abramtsevo.

We invite you to admire the works of Yury Khmelevskoy, to see images that inspire a wonderful sculptor, our fellow countryman, at our exhibition, which will run from July 17 to August 16, 2020.

Yuri Khmelevskoy was born on June 8, 1945 in the city of Strunino, Vladimir region. Since 1971, the sculptor has been living with his family in the city of Khotkovo. Graduated from the department of artistic bone processing of the Abramtsevo art and industrial school named after Viktor Vasnetsov (1965), Faculty of Industrial Art, Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art named after Sergey Stroganov (1970). He taught special disciplines - sculpture, drawing and composition - at the Abramtsevo School of Industrial Art at the Department of Artistic Bone Processing (1971-1979). He worked as a sculptor at the Moscow Regional Association of the All-Russian Union of Agricultural Companies "SKHR" (since 1971). The monumental works he created adorn the streets and squares of many cities in Russia, including: Moscow, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk, Tula, Ostashkov, Gomel, Krasny Sulin, Voskresensk, Balashikha, Khotkovo, Solnechnogorsk and others.

Yury Khmelevskoy is a constant participant in professional art exhibitions (since 1970). Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation (since 1975). In 2007, Yury Khmelevsky was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation". He was awarded the Gold and Silver medals of the Union of Artists of Russia (2015 and 2016), the medal "For Valiant Labor" (2015). The works of Yury Khmelevsky are in the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve, Sergiev Posad State Historical and Art Museum-Reserve, the State Museum and Exhibition Center "ROSIZO", the fund of the Ministry of Culture, the Bronze Miracle Gallery, the Aleksandrovsky Art Museum, the Belgorod Art Museum, and in private collections in Russia and abroad.


The exhibition will run until August 16.












Exhibition “Tales by Alexander Pushkin”



Exhibition period: March 6 – April 5, 2020

Location: Polenov's Dacha


March 6, 2020 the exhibition “Tales by Alexander Pushkin”, which presents illustrations by artists from the collection of the National Pushkin Museum opens in the Polenov's dacha of the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve.

Members of the Mamontov's (Abramtsevo) Circle have repeatedly appealed to the works by the “Sun of Russian poetry”. In 2014, a joint museum exhibition “Pushkin in the Works of Abramtsevo Artists” with two Pushkin museums - the National Pushkin Museum (St. Petersburg) and the State Museum of Alexander Pushkin (Moscow) was held in Abramtsevo. A continuation of this project is the current exchange of exhibitions: during the exhibition in Polenov's Dacha the exposition “Night Fairy Tale” from the Abramtsevo collection opens its doors to visitors.

The exhibition is addressed primarily to children. It presents the works of talented artists: Ivan Bilibin, Dmitry Mitrokhin, Tatiana Mavrina, Vladimir Milashevsky, Viktor Panin, Oskar Klever, Nelli Polyakova, who lead us from fairy tale to fairy tale, from plot to plot: “The Tale of the Priest and his Workman Balda”, “The Tale of Tsar Saltan”, “The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”, “The Tale of the Fisherman and fish”... Acquaintance with the poet's tales begins with watching the animated film “At the Seaside”.

We hope that visitors, regardless of their age, will discover the magical world of Pushkin's tales, and new generations of readers and spectators will be waiting for a meeting with the works of the greatest poet.





Pancake Week Program “Tasty Story”



The participants of the Pancake week program “Tasty Story” set off an amazing culinary journey these days. See you in the museum!







The Great Maslenitsa in the Museum



Timing: March 1, 2020 from 10:00 to 15:00

Location: The Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (Museynaya Street 1, Abramtsevo Village, Sergiev Posad District, Moscow Region)

Phone: +7 496 5432470


Many joyful games and amusing fun await you at the Great Pancake Day (“Maslenitsa”) at the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve on March 1 from 10:00 to 15:00. A cheerful fiery atmosphere of festivities will be created by songs and dances, round dances, traditional Pancake week competitions, and the performance of the Izmaylovskaya Sloboda Folk Ensemble. All guests can participate in master classes on painting gingerbread cookies, making spring birds and suns in the annex “Kitchen”. By tradition, it will end with a theatrical procession with a burning of Maslenitsa doll at 15:00.

The theatrical program will take place from 13:00 to 15:00.

The ticket price to the park from 10:00 to 15:00 – 100 rubles.






Exhibition “Alexander Drozdovsky. Painting, Art Metal. Stanislav Drozdovsky. Graphics, Stone Engraving”



Exhibition period: February 1 — March 9, 2020

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


February 3, 2020 an exhibition of the Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Drozdovsky opens in the halls of the Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The exhibition is dedicated to the double anniversary: in 2020, the artist turns 75, and marks the 45th anniversary of his creative activity.

The retrospective exhibition presents more than 100 works in various techniques and genres. Painting, sculpture, cloisonne enamel, medal art, forged plastic - Alexander Drozdovsky equally confidently owns all these techniques, delighting the viewer with a magnificent sense of material and impeccable craftsmanship.

Alexander Drozdovsky is a well-known master of decorative and applied art and a talented teacher, deservedly enjoying the respect and love of many generations of students of the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial College named after Viktor Vasnetsov (the branch of the Moscow State Art and Industry Academy named after Sergey Stroganov). For 45 years he has trained a galaxy of brilliant metal artists.

Until the mid-1990s, Alexander Drozdovsky mainly worked in miniature plastic. His medals, plaques and reliefs dedicated to the prominent personalities are distinguished by the originality of the composition and at the same time - portrait similarity, which makes the image recognizable. Since the mid-90s, Alexander Drozdovsky has been successfully working in the cloisonne enamel technique, participating in exhibitions and transferring experience to students. He managed to create, perhaps the most important and most valuable thing in the artist’s life - his own direction, which at first glance accurately distinguishes it from the variety of other authors working in this technique.

The master began experimenting with enamels in the late 70s, gradually moving on to creating serious independent works. In 1986, the specialty “Enamel Work” was initiated by Alexander Drozdovsky into the curriculum of the Abramtsevo College. Having creatively mastered the traditional artistic techniques of Russian enamel art, Alexander Drozdovsky developed an individual visual language and his own aesthetics.

The master generously transfers to his students everything that he knows and can do. He manages to create a free creative atmosphere around him, forming a special “Abramtsevo style” with his inherent energy of search and fidelity to artistic truth.

The master’s paintings leave an amazing impression - the paintings of Alexander Drozdovsky are simultaneously brightly decorative and deeply lyrical, even confessional.

A separate section of the exhibition is the works of Stanislav Drozdovsky.

Two missions lived in Stanislav Drozdovsky as an artist and a philologist. He graduated with honors from Abramtsevo College, then the faculty of foreign languages of Sholokhov University. He was engaged in teaching, wrote poetry and parables, made interesting, talented graphics, worked on metal and stone. Stanislav obtained very concise and accurate work: a minimum of expressive means, a maximum of content and nothing more. He knew how to do what few people were given, and was endowed with the need to create, but he exhibited very rarely. Publicity was also perceived as an unnecessary detail: it was enough that the thing was born, accomplished.

Being a bright personality, Stanislav Drozdovsky created his own world, where the most ordinary things turned into something unique and magical, and plain-looking cobblestones flourished, or, as they used to say, flourished with wonderful carved patterns. The Moscow region nature has always been a source of inspiration for Drozdovsky Jr. - he loved the forest very much, he did not part with the sketchbook. Friends and colleagues recall that Stas Drozdovsky had a rare gift to listen and hear a person, living with him joy and pain. And it was also an act of creativity.

The artist invests part of himself in the works that he creates. They remain with us after he leaves for another world - materialized memory, messages to contemporaries and descendants. Loss is irreplaceable, but memory is alive.

The exposition of the works by Stas Drozdovky included his graphic sheets, works in the technique of stone engraving, named as “the petroglyphs”.








“The Tasty Tale” in Abramtsevo



January 18, 2020 a theatrical interactive program for children "The Tasty Tale" was held in the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo". Young visitors of the museum visited the outbuilding "The Kitchen", where they got acquainted with the history of the manufacture of gingerbread in Russia and saw ancient gingerbread forms. Then everyone was able to make their own cakes, which were baked in a fabulous Russian stove. The program ended with a samovar tea party.







Christmas Meetings in Abramtsevo



In the Mamontovs' house, famous for its theatrical, art projects, Christmas was always brightly and solemnly celebrated. Therefore, Abramtsevo is rich in its Christmas traditions, and young guests of the Museum-Reserve and their parents were able to join them.

The guests visited the Abramtsevo Estate Church and the Kitchen, learned a lot about the Christmas holiday. Then they made bright multi-colored masks of fabulous birds and animals and , according to the old Russian tradition, went caroling. And then all together became participants in the Christmas tea party with sweets!







Funny Holidays in Abramtsevo



On New Year's holidays, January 3-6, 2020 theatrical programs for children were festively and lively held at the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve. The guys, as if by magic, carried away to a fairy tale, and together with mischievous characters – Fox Alisa and Cat Basilio helped to find the luggage of "one well-known Lady." Traveling around the estate, the children helped the heroes with the search, visited a funny performance in an unusual mouse theater and, of course, met Granfather Frost and Snow Maiden at an elegant New Year tree. And according to a good tradition, Granfather Frost gave young guests wonderful gifts that will become a good memory of a fun holiday in an old estate.







Exhibition “Countries and Travels”



Exhibition period: December 25, 2019 – March 1, 2020

Location: Polenov's Dacha


On New Year's Eve, an exhibition, which tells about travels, opens in Polenov's dacha of the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve. Travels were an integral part of the life of the Mamontovs and their artist friends. “At times, I really want to break out and fly around the wide world,” wrote Vasily Polenov.

Savva Mamontov loved travelling, understood its meaning and considered the best vacation for himself. Both he and his wife Elizaveta prepared for these trips, took notes, created unique guides. At the exhibition you can see one of these documents - the diary of 17-year-old Liza Sapozhnikova, the future wife of Savva Mamontov, which she kept during a trip to Europe in 1864.

Mamontov often took artists to his trips. They enthusiastically studied the art of Western Europe while travelling.

The exhibition presents landscape sketches by Vasily Polenov, Mikhail Nesterov, Apollinary Vasnetsov and other artists made on trips to Russia and Western Europe, as well as travel photos, souvenirs, letters and documents.












Exhibition “Svetlana and Natalya Palion. Painting”



Exhibition period: December 20, 2019 - January 26, 2020

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


December 20, 2019 a new exhibition opened in the Arts and Crafts Department of the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve. On the eve of the New Year - the most magical and coveted holiday of our calendar, we invite art lovers and connoisseurs to meet with the original works of Natalya and Svetlana Palion.

The paintings of these artists have an amazing property - they give an anticipation of a miracle, a sense of a fairy tale and an indispensable fulfillment of a cherished dream. And in them, the authors conduct a dialogue with the audience about feelings, love, life values, the transience of time ... and urge you to see joy in every day you live. The artists called their current exhibition - one for two - “The Joy of Being”.

In the works of Natalya and Svetlana Palion, reality comes to life - thin and slightly weightless, with foggy dreams and curious plots, with deep subtext, sometimes in the form of images combining echoes of dreams and dreams, vivid fantasies, transparent metaphors and bizarre allegories. The artists expressed the purpose of their work in one of the interviews: “To inspire, to give a good mood and to bring bright colors to everyday life. ”Natalya and Svetlana Palion have already come a certain way in the search for their own artistic manner, experimenting with line, color, “trying on” various styles of the past, moving from especially beloved decorative painting, “interior” paintings to self-sufficient paintings. They successfully work in various techniques, in their arsenal - oil, pastel, watercolor, graphics, collage. One of the last“artistic technical” hobbies is layered acrylic painting. In genres, they also do not limit themselves: they write still lifes, landscapes, portraits. Their works are distinguished by an impeccable color scheme, a virtuoso combination of texture and line. And today, artists continue to search for those forms of visual expressiveness that correspond to their understanding and vision of art.

Natalya and Svetlana Palion have a single life and creative path. They are twin sisters, born in 1974 in the city of Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk region. They have been painting since early childhood, together they decided that painting is their fate. It is believed that the talent was passed on to them from their father, a skillful graphic designer and monumentalist.

Natalya and Svetlana graduated with honors from the College in Veliky Novgorod with a degree in porcelain painting (1993), then graduated from the Art Painting Department of the Moscow Art College of Applied Arts (1998). Then they were engaged in the famous private art studio of Alexander Velichko, perfecting painting and composition.

The Palion sisters recall that they were even very afraid to marry, so as not to separate, but were fortunate enough to meet the twin brothers who became their husbands. Now both families happily and amicably live in the same house in Sergiev Posad, raise four children.

Participate in professional art exhibitions since 2002. They are residents of the ArtBaz Gallery. They are engaged in teaching, participate in festivals of arts and crafts, and painting symposia. Their works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Natalya and Svetlana write in the same workshop, and although the sisters still have a common artistic vision, now each of them works separately. And still, the sister is the chief expert and adviser in art, in which there is no place for longing and despondency, but there is a joy of being and a desire to share this joy.










Restoration Council Was Held



December 18, 2019 the restoration council of the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo" summed up the year. The council traditionally discusses current restoration activities and plans for further work.

This time, four of seven museum restorers reported and received tasks: Anna Vorobyova, Anna Malafeeva, Yuliya Makhasevich and Anna Puzyreva. The Council was presented with restored tiles and porcelain of the 19th century, books of the 19th - early 20th centuries, works of 20th century artists from the museum's collection. Work has also begun on three icons of the 18th – 19th centuries from the museum collection.










Exposition “Abramtsevo. Arts of the 20th century”




The exposition “Abramtsevo. Arts of the 20th century” presents the works of artists who worked in Abramtsevo and creatively associated with it. These are the works of the members of the Jack of Diamonds union (Pyotr Konchalovsky, Aristarkh Lentulov, Ilya Mashkov, Alexander Osmerkin, Vasily Rozhdestvensky, Robert Falk), as well as Nikolay Andronov, Andrey Vasnetsov, Igor Grabar, Semyon Chuikov, Evgenia Maleina, Dementy Shmarinov, Alexey Shmarinov, Natalia Udaltsova, sculptors Vera Mukhina, Boris Korolyov and others.

Many of these artists lived and worked in the village of Artists, founded in the 1930s near the estate, on the opposite bank of the Vorya River.

The artistic wealth created in Abramtsevo over the time of the century is now collected in the white stone building "Abramtsevo. Arts of the 20th century”.










Exhibition “Russia Is in My Heart...”



Exhibition period: November 22 – December 15, 2019

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (23, Kooperativnaya str, Khotkovo)


An exhibition of works by Nikolay Davydov, a famous painter, honored artist of the Russian Federation, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, opened on November 22, 2019 in the department of Art and Crafts of the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve. The exhibition presents works from the author's collection.

Nikolay Davydov was born in 1951 in the village Olshanka, Odessa region. In school, he lived with his parents in the Kemerovo region. In their house were genuine works of such masters as Vasiliy Meshkov, Konstantin Korovin, Sergey Vinogradov, Vasily Baksheev, Sergey Gerasimov, Vitold Bialynitsky-Birulya. A relative of the family was Vasily Meshkov (1893–1963) - an outstanding painter, people's artist of the RSFSR, a full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR. He bequeathed his collection to the family. And, probably, this determined the life path of Nikolay Davydov.

He combines his own creativity with organizational activities to popularize Tver art in various regions of Russia and abroad (in Bulgaria, China, Germany). Nikolay Davydov is the organizer and creative director of the first plein air of Tver artists in the village Moshenskoye in Novgorod region in 2003, which laid the foundation for the municipal art gallery; in 2008 - one of the organizers of the International Plein Air and the International Exhibition “Monuments of the Fatherland”, held in Tver and the Tver Region. He was also the artistic director of the International Plein Air in Skopje (Macedonia) in 2002, the joint plein air of the Slavic peoples. He is one of the organizers of traditional winter plein airs in the Komi Republic. In 2014 and 2016, his creative trips to Athos (Greece) took place.

Solo exhibitions of the artist, in total more than 40, took place, in particular, in the Vyshny Volochyok in 1992, 2006, 2008; in Tver in 1985, 1997, 2003 (together with V.I. Volkov), 2005, 2010; in Minsk and Yaroslavl in 2004; in Moscow in the Kremlin in 2005 and 2015; at the Academy of Arts in 2007; at the Central House of Artists and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2011; abroad - in Sofia, Thessaloniki, Berlin, London, Dublin. The artist’s works are in the Togliatti Art Gallery, the National Museum of the Komi Republic, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk), the Mogilev Regional Art Museum and the Bobruisk Art Museum (Belarus).

For his active creative and exhibition activities, the artist was awarded a bishop's diploma and a medal "For the sacrificial service to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior" and other medals and diplomas.










Exhibition «The Group “Nine”»



Exhibition period: November 2 – December 1, 2019

Location: Polenov's Dacha


«The Group “Nine”» is a faction of young reformers formed within the Moscow Union of Artists in the late 1950s. Enthusiastic about the French school of painting, artists, contrary to the general line in the fine arts adopted in those years, adapted Cezannism, following the path of the masters of the Jack of Diamonds union. Affirming the diversity of creative individuals, the artist’s right to solve exclusively professional painting tasks in Soviet art, to search for new forms to express his time, they, in fact, determined a new vector of realistic painting in Russian art of the second half of the 20th century.

A particular manifestation of the plastic searches of artists in the field of traditional easel painting was the Moscow "Exhibition of Nine" in 1961. Its participants are Leonid Berlin, Natalia Egorshina, Maria Favorskaya, Nikolay Andronov, Mikhail Nikonov, Boris Birger, Vladimir Weisberg, Mikhail Ivanov, Kirill Mordovin.

For objective reasons, the Abramtsevo project «The Group “Nine”» cannot recreate the exhibition of 1961. The aim of the organizers of this exhibition is to recall the participants of “Nine” and to demonstrate their canvaces in a certain retrospective. April 30, 2019 marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of the leader of “The Group of Nine”, a great Russian artist Nikolay Andronov. The exhibition is dedicated to this date.

The exhibition displays works from the collections of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, the Museum “New Jerusalem”, the IN ARTIBUS Foundation, and private collections.




Exhibition of Ceramics “Alexandra Stvora. My World”


Exhibition period: October 11 – November 17, 2019

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (23, Kooperativnaya str, Khotkovo)


October 11, an exhibition of ceramics by the artist Alexandra Stvora opens in the halls of the Arts and Crafts Department of the Abramtsevo Museum-Reserve.

The new exhibition reveals to our viewers a vibrant and surprisingly diverse world of ceramics. Millennia pass, the shapes of objects change, the assortment line expands, but people still strive to admire items that keep the warmth of the artist’s hands, each time marveling at metamorphoses in clay. To metamorphoses that reflect the cultural processes and creative searches of today.

At the current exhibition, the world of ceramics is presented by the Moscow ceramic artist - Alexandra Stvora. She is spiritually and emotionally connected with Abramtsevo and Khotkovo - Alexandra received her art education at the Abramtsevo Art and Industrial College, which she graduated in 1995. She dedicates the current exhibition in Khotkovo to her teachers with deep gratitude and appreciation. Alexandra Stvora studied in the stone, bone and wood department, but ceramics became the main hobby of her life. Her mother, Galina Korzina, was an outstanding ceramic artist, and Alexandra from an early age grew up in a creative atmosphere where there was a reverent attitude towards ceramics.

Upon graduation, Alexandra Stvora actively works in the creative groups of the Experimental Creative and Production Combine “Vorontsovo” of the Union of Artists of Russia. The main choice and main passion of Alexandra among the variety and wide possibilities of the author's expression in ceramics was the pottery technique. Step by step, she learnt the secrets and mysteries of this ancient technique that existed at the intersection of craft and art. Brilliantly mastering the potter’s wheel, Alexandra creates vibrant dynamic decorative sculptural images, “twists”, “designs” spectacular and surprisingly harmonious forms. Her work is distinguished by a bright personality and high professionalism.

Over time, she found her own pictorial language, gained complete freedom of expression in creating a poetic image of wildlife.

Animalism is her favorite genre in which Alexandra creates clean, childishly unprotected images of animals and birds, often exotic, imbued with kindness and spontaneity. She decorates them with paintings, in which she is infinitely diverse and artistic: she uses ethnic motifs, works interestingly with ornaments, and impresses with a combination of colors that emphasize the features of the plastic image. Therefore, in some of Alexandra’s works there is a connection with the national tradition, in others she is absolutely free and masterfully experimenting with color, shape, texture. Both that, and another is interesting and really talented.

Alexandra Stvora is one of the leading Moscow ceramic artists, she is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists (since 1999) and the Union of Artists of Russia (since 2005). She is a member of the commission on decorative and applied arts, as well as the youth and exposition commissions of the Union of Artists of Russia, and is carrying out a large public work. Alexandra's works are marked with a diploma and gratitude from the Russian Academy of Arts, diplomas of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Since 2005, Alexandra Stvora regularly participates in the international open-air “Art-Zhizhal” (Belarus), in the international ceramic symposium in the Oposhnya village (Ukraine), in the All-Russian ceramic symposium, which took place for several years in the city of Urzhum, Kirov Region. Holds master classes in pottery.

Alexandrra Stvora is an active participant in professional art exhibitions: Moscow, All-Russian, international, group and personal.

The works are stored in the collections of the Mogilev Regional Art Museum named after Pavel Maslenikov (Belarus), National Museum-Reserve of Ukrainian Pottery (Oposhnia settlement, Ukraine), Vyatka Art Museum named after Viktor and Apollinariy Vasnetsov and Memorial Complex of Glory named after Akhmat Kadyrov (Grozny, Chechen Republic).

The exhibition presents nearly 100 works by Alexandra Stvora. The exhibition runs till November 17, 2019.










Exhibition “Feodor Chaliapin and Savva Mamontov. Photos from the Collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”


Exhibition period: October 25 – November 1, 2019

Location: Kirov Regional Scientific Library named after A.I. Herzen


Exhibition “Feodor Chaliapin and Savva Mamontov. Photos from the collection of the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo" opens in Kirov on October 25. The exhibition shows photos telling about the creative path of the great Russian singer, about his connections with the Mamontov's (Abramtsevo) Artistic Circle. It is no accident that this exhibition is being shown on Vyatka land and is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Vyatka Chaliapin Society. Parents of Chaliapin were originally from Vyatka, whose ancient land was famous for its good voices for church singing, and the Vyatka basses were considered unsurpassed. The birth of Chaliapin as a great artist is associated with Savva Mamontov and the Russian Private Opera created by him.

The meeting of Chaliapin with Mamontov, who was not only a major entrepreneur and patron of arts, but also an artistically gifted person, a music connoisseur who had a wonderful voice, played a huge role in the singer's life. In the spring of 1896 Savva Mamontov invited Chaliapin to perform in the summer season with the troupe of his theater at the Nizhniy Novgorod Fair. The basic principle of the Mamontov's Theatre: “You need to sing while playing” - fully complied the talent of Feodor Chaliapin.

For three years of work at the Mamontov's Theatre, Feodor Chaliapin created most of his main repertoire - nineteen parties. Fifteen of them are parts of the Russian repertoire. The exhibition presents photos of Chaliapin in the images of Melnik, Salieri, Boris Godunov, Holofernes, Ivan the Terrible. In the process of preparing his images, Feodor Chaliapin worked, in fact, as a painter. The singer assigned painting an important place in his work after the great Russian drama. Artists, in particular Valentin Serov, Vasily Polenov, Mikhail Vrubel, Konstantin Korovin, helped him in preparing many parties - their photos can also be seen at the exhibition.

A series of vivid images of Chaliapin was created at the beginning of the 20th century by the famous photographer Miron Sherling (1880–1958). He worked in the technique of photography, had a great sense of composition, his portraits are expressive and dramatic. At the exhibition there is Chaliapin starring Mephistopheles, Miller, Salieri, Boris Godunov and others. Photos are accompanied by texts from memoirs telling about how many images of Feodor Chaliapin appeared.

The exhibition runs from October 25 to November 1, 2019 in the Great Reading Room of Kirov Regional Scientific Library named after A.I. Herzen.










Exhibition “Gogol's Faces”. To the 210th anniversary of the birth of the writer”



Exhibition period: September 26 – October 27, 2019

Location: Polenov's Dacha


Exhibition presents engravings, drawings, watercolors from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” and from private collections.

This exhibition “Gogol's Faces” is an attempt to be closer to the genius of Nikolay Gogol. It seems that there are some reasons. Gogol came to the Abramtsevo estate to visit the Aksakovs in 1849 and in 1851. In the living room of the old house he read the first chapter of the second volume of “Dead Souls”. The Abramtsevo legend says, he walked in the old park and was calm.

A great deal has changed. But already in the Museum period the so-called Gogol section with his portraits and illustrations to his works was formed in the Abramtsevo collection. This material provided the basis of the exhibition.

It all starts with engraving from the work of Alexey Venetsianov (1834), where Gogol is presented in the prime of life, with some likeness of Khlestakov, decorated in the manner of a cock with an intricate crest or coca. We emphasize this similarity with illustrations by Nikolay Kuzmin and by Mikhail Rudakov to the "Examiner". The brilliant comedy is not alone, it is together with illustrations for “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”, “Mirgorod”, “Petersburg Stories” by Piotr Sokolov, Dmitry Mitrokhin, Vitaly Goryaev, Sergey Alimov.

The descriptions of Gogol's appearance and his portraits of different times, that have come down to us, are also striking with the lack of unity in this person. And if the writer and talent are not yet visible in Venetsianov’s work, then in portraits of Gogol in the mature age (hairstyle, small mustache, goatee), too many things look at us at once.

This is the time of "Dead Souls" and "Overcoat." Other times - other artists? Yes: Alexander Agin, a contemporary of the writer, Vladimir Makovsky, Valentin Serov, Alexey Kravchenko. And “No”: we are again in the grip of the works by Vitaly Goryaev, Sergey Alimov; unexpected - Kirill Mamonov (Gogol according to Daniil Kharms), Vladimir Anisimov (Gogol according to Vikenty Veresaev).

What does the exhibition come to an end? Watercolor work by Vitaly Goryaev "In memory of Alexander Ivanov." Why? Rome, friendship, the same degree of dedication to art, the same super-high level of art. But also because figuratively-plastic work is addressed to those secret depths of the human soul, where the shadows of other worlds pass, like the bright shadows of nameless and soundless ships. This work is about the Miracle, which is most suited to the surreal world of Gogol.




Exhibition “Metamorphoses in Wood”. Artists Rashid and Inessa Azbukhanov””



Exhibition period: May 24 - June 30, 2019

Location: Arts and Crafts Department


May 18, 2019 the unique exhibition “Metamorphoses in Wood”. Artists Rashid and Inessa Azbukhanov” began its work in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, whose alma-mater is Abramtsevo artistic and industrial college named after Viktor Vasnetsov. Works of different times from the author's and from private collections are presented there.

The Azbukhanovs are the Honored Artists of Russia, Honorary Members of the Russian Academy of Arts, Laureates of the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Field of Culture in 2013 for the project “Revival of the Carved Icon”.

Their work is a combination of unique talent, deep knowledge of history, respect for the traditions of Russian and world art. They are among the most talented and successful authors working in the woodcarving technique.

In the works of Inessa and Rashid Azbukhanov there are two equivalent directions - a carved icon and geometric compositions. Both directions coexist without denying each other, but become the means of comprehending the world in different plastic imagery. Both of these areas are presented in the exposition of the current exhibition.

Exhibition runs till June 30, 2019.

Address: 23 Kooperativnaya Street, Khotkovo, Sergiev Posad District, Moscow Region, 141370

Information: 8 (496) 543-07-67, 8 (916) 492-08-20.










Exhibition “The Bogatyr From Abramtsevo. To the 150th Anniversary From the Birth Of Andrey Mamontov (1869-1981)”



Exhibition period: May 24 – June 16, 2019

Location: Polenov's Dacha


From May 24 to June 16, 2019 an exhibition devoted to the 150th anniversary from the birth of the second son of the Mamontovs' family Andrey, will be held in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The name of the exhibition “The Bogatyr from Abramtsevo” is explained by the history of painting “The Bogatyrs” by Viktor Vasnetsov, on which he has worked in Abramtsevo. It is known that the young Andrey Mamontov (surnamed by his family as Dryusha) posed for the youngest bogatyr Alyosha Popovich.

Andrey Mamontov has lived a short life – 21 years. He was born a weakly and infirm child, and factually Elizaveta Grigorievna thanks to her everyday attendance saved him. Precisely because Andrey she had to stay in Italy with her children during winter periods of time. Very early the talent of the artist was developed and he enrolled for the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, the department of Architecture, which he graduated from 1890. He together with his mother Elizaveta and the artist Elena Polenova factually was one of founders of joinery and pottery workshops in Abramtsevo.

Viktor Vasnetsov invited Andrey Mamontov after graduating from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture to participate in the painting of St. Vladimir's Cathedral and tasked him with ornaments. The result had exceeded all expectations: Viktor Vasnetsov said, that there were “a lot of beauty and originality” in the work of young artist. Unfortunately, these ornaments were the only serious work by Andrey Mamontov. He had caught a strong chill in a cold cathedral, resulting in the serious kidney disease. They could not save him. Andrey Mamontov was buried in Abramtsevo, in the Chapel, designed by Viktor Vasnetsov, near the Church of the Savior. The chapel was decorated by ornaments based on sketches by Andrey Mamontov.

Despite his short life, he left the rich heritage. These are his numerous sketches, teaching drawings, that helped us to make this individual exhibition. The most of his works were kept in the vaults and have never been exhibited, but the jubilee gives the opportunity to look in the unknown pages of history of the Mamontov's (Abramtsevo) artistic circle.




Exhibition “The Round Table. The Faculty of Stage Design of GITIS”



Exhibition period: April 26 – May 19, 2019

Location: Polenov's Dacha


An exhibition presents creative works of students of the faculty of stage design of the largest in Europe Institute – GITIS (the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts). This is one of the leading educational theatre institutions in Russia with the oldest traditions, which at this time introduces visitors to its young artists. Exhibition is held as a part of the Year of Theatre in Russia and is aimed to promote the theatre art.

The modern Russian theatre presents many innovative projects, that can surprise any audience, where even the productions of famous classical works can be distinguished by their incisiveness, courage and ultimatism. In this regard, students of GITIS present us the examples of works, art quality of which combines both tradition and creative freedom. Here you can see that the world of theatre is a special kind of art, which a theatre artist creates.

It is not surprise at all that Abramtsevo became the place of exposition of such-like experimental creativity of the young generation. Surely, Abramtsevo is rich with its theatrical traditions. Thanks to Sergey Aksakov the first anniversary celebration in honour of his friend, the great actor Mikhail Shchepkin once was held. Celebrated today the Year of Theatre is intended to continue the work, which was began by Sergey Aksakov in Russia, hereby more raising and ennobling the fine work of the artist. And in the Abramtsevo Artistic Circle and Russian Private Opera by Savva Mamontov a new school of theatrical decoration and costume was born; the scenic revolution has been planned, which the native theatre experienced in the 20th century. Theatrical projects fully revealed the creative and organizational abilities of Savva Mamontov. He especially supported and developed young stage talents. And thanks to the Mamontov's Circle a talent of Feodor Chaliapin blossomed.





Exhibition “Falling Stars. Tatiana Selvinskaya and Her Students”



Exhibition period: March 29 – April 21, 2019

Location: Polenov's Dacha


In the Year of the Theatre the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” prepares some exhibition projects, one of which is named “Falling Stars. Tatiana Selvinskaya and Her Students”. It will be open on the March 29 at 4.00 p.m.

At the International Ceremony named by Konstantin Stanislavskiy to Tatiana Selvinskaya a theatrical designer Yuriy Kharikov said: “... Two mysterious words – Tata Selvinskaya. This sounds like a name of star.... In essence, Tatiana Ilinichna Selvinskaya is such person. She could not only an enormous talent in our theatrical culture, but for many years brought up the whole cast of remarkable artists – stars of native artists”.

“Falling Stars” is the exhibition of works by Tatiana Selvinskaya and her students, mainly theatrical designers.

About Tatiana Selvinskaya: was born in 1927 in the family of poet Ilya Selvinskiy. The student of Robert Falk, Alexander Tishler, Mikhail Kurilko. In the world of thatre she is a legend. Designed about 200 performances “from Odessa to Magadan”. Among her capital works, there are “Attractions” (the Lencom Theatre, 1966), “The Wolves and the Sheep” (the Pyotr Fomenko's Workshop Theatre, 1992), “Guilty Without Guilt” and “Cute Liar” (Academoc Theatre named after Evgeniy Vakhtangov, 1993, 1994), “Rich Brides”, “Polianna”, “The Princess of the Dream” (RAMT, 1994, 1995, 1996), “Maria Stuart”, “Catherine the Great”, “Mistress into Maid” (Ermolova Moscow Theatre, 1996, 1998), “Lady Shakespeare” (Nikindom, the first professional theatre, 2011) and others. Created a whole scenography trend, also as known as “The Selvinkaya School”).

The project involves the students of Selvinskaya: K. Shimanovskaya, A. Melik-Sarkisyan, T. Spasolomkaya, I. Shumilov, E. Senatova, I. Balashevich, A. Pligin, O. Vakulin, G. Golovchenko, A. Kislitsina, N. Marchenko, V. Smelkov, I. Chetverkov, O. Malyagina, M. Zotova, L. Evmeshkina, E. Kornilova, L. Chertova, N. Vasilieva. They are all theatrical designers and simply talented people, who found their development in painting thanks to Selvinskaya.

This is not surprising – she herself is a passionate easel and an original painter. Abramtsevo spectator remembers the exhibition of her works “The Games Over the Years”, which was held a year ago. Power of colour, imaginative dissimilarity misled public: “Is it the painting of 2017? Pardon! Does it really to paint in 90?”

Our exhibition presents sketches, layouts, theatrical decorations and easel works of the artists. Participants of the projects are 19. Correctly – 20 together with her, Iconic.







Exhibition “Two Snow Maidens”



Exhibition period: December 21, 2018 – March 10, 2019

Location: Polenov's Dacha


The exhibition introduces visitors to the history of a fairy-tale “The Snow Maiden” by Alexander Ostrovskiy which was performed by Savva Mamontov and Konstantin Stanislavskiy. First performances in the New Year days in 1882, in Moscow house of Savva Mamontov were designed by Viktor Vasnetsov; later on the basis of Vasnetsov's artistic design the opera by Nikolay Rimskiy-Korsakov was staged on the Russian Private Opera. In home performances Viktor Vasnetsov played a role of Ded Moroz (Father Frost). In 1900 visitors saw the play directed by Konstantin Stanislavskiy on the stage of the Moscow Art Theatre. Designer of the performance was Viktor Simov, formely working in Mamontov's theatre. This brings together two performances in one exhibition space.

Exhibition presents sketches of costumes and decorations by Viktor Vasnetsov for the performance by Savva Mamontov from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, sketches by Viktor Simov fot the performance by Konstantin Stanislavskiy and photos. Moreover, some costumes, in which such prominent actors as Olga Knipper-Chekhova, Maria Andreeva, Maria Lilina, Vasiliy Kachalov and others were dressed, have been remarkably preserved. Costumes, theatre requisite – paddles, smoothers, boxes, horns – were brought from the northern villages by Konstantin Stanislavskiy in the end of the 19th century. These items are provided by the Museum of the Moscow Art Theatre. Objects from the collection of the Moscow Museum of Hunting and Fishing, such as stuffed birds and animals, which Stanislavskiy used in his performance in order to show the world of nature in which the Snow Maiden lived, give more color to the exhibition.








Violin Musical Performance in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve 'Abramtsevo”




December 13, 2018 Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” invited guests to visit the concert of violin music. Young musicians, students of string branch of Moscow regional musical college named after Sergey Prokophiev enjoyed the listeners. They performed works of Russian and foreign composers of the 19th-20th centuries.

Before the concert an exhibition tour “By pencil, by Ink, by sanguine...” was held in the department.








Winter holidays! These words bring a lot of happy emotions and magic feelings! The Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” invited the visitors to immerse in the atmosphere of Christmas and winter charm of the famous residence outside Moscow. For our young visitors the Museum held a very interesting program including Christmas carols, Christmas tree, Christmas crib and funny entertainments. In the end there was a tea party.




Musical Concert at the Museum


December 2, 2018 a concert for violin was held in Theatrical hall of the Manor house of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Music by Piotr Chaikovskiy was performed by Arseniy Zakharov (violin) and Alexandra Pishchugina (piano).









Award Ceremony of All-Russian Contest of Journalists


November 28, 2018 the Award ceremony of All-Russian Contest of Journalists «Abramtsevo is in my heart!” was held in Theatrical hall of the Manor House of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The contest was held jointly with Allaince of Heads of Regional media in Russia “ARS-PRESS” with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

It was coincided with the jubilee year - the 100th anniversary of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.









"Night of Arts" at the Museum




November 4, 2018 the All-Russian action “Night of Arts” was held in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The program included curator tours, musical performances, reciting of poems and talks about modern ceramic art.













Concert at the Museum




In the framework of action “Night of Arts” November 3, 2018 a concert of military army of the Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was held in Theatrical hall of the Manor House of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The program included works of Sergey Rakhmaninov, Ludwig van Beethoven, Henry Persell and the others.













Exhibition “Vrubel. Lermontov. Tarkhani”



Exhibition period: October 27 – December 15, 2018

Location: Polenov's Dacha


October 27, 2018 the opening of exhibition “Vrubel. Lermontov. Tarkhany” was held in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. This is a joint project of two museums - “Tarkhany” and “Abramtsevo”, presenting the creative intersections of two genius persons – an artist and a poet – Mikhail Vrubel and Mikhail Lermontov.

Lermontov was one of the most beloved poets of Mikhail Vrubel. The artist knew by heart many of Leromontov’s poems, including the poem “Demon”, and liked to recite them in his friendly environment.

In 1891 Mikhail Vrubel among the other artists took part in decoration of the jubilee collection of works by Lermontov. He created a whole series of illustrations, which are presented at our exhibition as fax copies of 1964.

In the 1880s Mikhail Vrubel began to illustrate works by Lermontov; and the watercolors “Kirebeevich” is presented at the exhibition.

Exposition includes about 70 exhibits. From Abramtsevo there are some famous original sketches to the painting “The Demon Downcast” (1901), illustrations to Mikhail Lermontov's «The Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov” by Mikhail Vrubel, photos of the participants of Abramtsevo (Mamontov's) artistic circle, in atmosphere of which a talent of Mikhail Vrubel was bloomed.

Some ceramic and sculptural illustrations by Vrubel to characters by Lermontov might seem surprising for visitors. This is a Sea King – the character from a poem “Gifts of Terek” and a Sea Princess from an eponymously-named work. There are some ceramic works by Vrubel from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” in the exhibition. These statues reflect the most important part of creativity of the artist – the ceramics, in which he put a great part of his soul and inspiration.

The exhibition runs till December 15, 2018.




Presentation of the Book “M. Mamontoff. The Forgotten Artist”




October 23, 2018 the presentation of the book “M. Mamontoff. The Forgotten Artist” was held in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. It is written by the senior researcher of the Museum Andrey Gorodnyanskiy coauthored with Mikhail Nekrasov. It tells about a fate of an artist, his environment and creative life. Rare photos, archive documents, reproductions of his works are presented in the book.




The Day of Ivan Turgenev at the Museum



October 3, 2018 an event devoted to the 200th anniversary from the birth of the great Russian writer Ivan Turgenev took place in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The program included excursions, exhibition and literary performance.












Exhibition “Mikhail Mamontov. The Forgotten Artist”



Exhibition period: September 22 – October 21, 2018

Location: Polenov's Dacha


September 22, 2018 the exhibition “Mikhail Mamontov. The Forgotten Artist” was opened in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Nephew of the owner of the Estate, brilliant Savva Mamontov, Mikhail Mamontov graduated Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, took lessons by such ace teachers and Alexander Kiselev and Vasiliy Polenov, was a close friend of Valentin Serov and Ilya Ostroukhov. In the 1900-1910s he was an active participant of art exhibitions “World of Art” and “Union of Russian Artists” in both capitals. Today his works are presented in many museums of Russia and Ukraine: in Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Vyatka, Abramtsevo, Rostov-on-Don, Odessa and Konotop, however his name was long-forgotten. Until recently there was no information about Mikhail Mamontov and his fate.

The research in Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, in the Department of Manuscripts of the State Tretyakov Gallery and in Central Archive of Federal Security Service gave an opportunity to learn about the life of this talented person and his tragic death. Exhibition presents 20 works by the artist from museum and private collections, most of which have never been exhibited. 9 (!) paintings and etudes were found in the family of descendants of a close friend of Mikhail Mamontov – Varvara Ziloti (Guchkova in marriage). One of these works (“Interior”) was found on a shelf of Moscow flat on a bad condition and it was restored. 2 picturesque paintings were found in St. Petersburg, in a family of grandnephew of the artist. Photos, archive documents, personal belongings of the artist (visiting card and several letters) are particularly valuable.

Presentation of an album “M. Mamontoff. The Forgotten Artist” will be held in one of working days of exhibition. The book is written by the senior researcher of the Museum Andrey Gorodnyanskiy coauthored with Mikhail Nekrasov. It tells about fate of artist, his environment and creative life. Rare photos, archive documents, reproductions of his works are presented in the book.







Exhibition "The Khotkovo School of Bone Carving"



Exhibition period: August 31 – September 30, 2018

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (Kooperativnaya 23, Khotkovo, Sergiev Posad district, Moscow region)


August 31, 2018 an exhibition of bone carving works was opened in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.

A small town Khotkovo near Moscow is one of the youngest bone carving centres of Russia. This art craftwork was first appeared in Khotkovo in the end of the 1940s. The unique Abramtsevo art college trained artists and masters of bone carving from the first days. Nowdays it is known as Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial College named after Viktor Vasnetsov. The artists, graduates of the College, use all known techniques of artistic processing of a bone brilliantly. And the best artists become teachers of the College. That is why the exhibition was named “The Khotkovo School of Bone Carving”.

At the exhibit it is possible to know almost everything about this amazing art. An exposition presents all areas and techniques of bone carving, such as openwork carving, the precious carving, entail carving, engraved carving, robust carving, light and translucent carving. Visitors can see works of today's carvers and teachers of Artistic College, masters of the Khotkovo manufacture of carved artistic items of the 1970-2000s from the collection of the Museum—Reserve “Abramtsevo”, and works of today's artists of the same manufacture from the collection of factory.

Our exhibition is coincided to the 100th anniversary of the Museum.







“Mikhail Vrubel. Mikhail Lermontov. Abramtsevo”


The opening of the exhibition “Vrubel. Lermontov. Abramtsevo” was held in the Museum-Reserve “Tarkhany”. This is a joint project of two museums - “Tarkhany” and “Abramtsevo”, presenting the creative intersections of two genius persons – an artist and a poet – Mikhail Vrubel and Mikhail Lermontov.

Exposition includes about 100 exhibits. From Abramtsevo there are some famous original sketches to the painting “The Demon Downcast” (1901), illustrations to Mikhail Lermontov's «The Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov” by Mikhail Vrubel, photos of the participants of Abramtsevo (Mamontov's) artistic circle, in atmosphere of which a talent of Mikhail Vrubel was bloomed.

Some ceramic and sculptural illustrations by Vrubel to characters by Lermontov might seem surprising for visitors. This is a Sea King – the character from a poem “Gifts of Terek” and a Sea Princess from an eponymously-named work. There are some ceramic works by Vrubel from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” in the exhibition. These statues reflect the most important part of creativity of the artist – the ceramics, in which he put a great part of his soul and inspiration.

The exhibition runs till October 21, 2018.











Exhibition “Theatre Begins from Abramtsevo!” in Rome



Exhibition period: September 3 – 14, 2018

Location: Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Rome (Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 6, 00186, Roma, Italy)


"There's a well-known phrase attributed to Stanislavsky: “Theatre begins at the cloakroom.” We decided to change this aphorism and named the exhibition of drawings by remarkable Russian artists, such as Valentin Serov, Ilya Repin, Viktor Vanetsov, Vasiliy Polenov, Adrian Prakhov, Ilya Ostroukhov, their sketches of decorations and costumes, playbills of performances of Abramtsevo home theatre - “Theatre begins from Abramtsevo!”.

The idea of this exhibition is to demonstrate the birth process of a performance vision in Abramtsevo art world. Decoration of home performances, the choice of plays, their writing by Savva Mamontov, acting, directing, homely public atmosphere – all that later became the basis of the brilliant development of spectacularity on Russian music stage. Russian Diaghelev’s ‘Ballets Russes’became the perfect example of it.

Collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” helps to reconstruct a rather expressive picture of Abramtsevo theatre life. These are portrait and genre scene sketches, scenery and costume designs, playbills of performances, photo documents. All exhibits are unique, and the most interesting is the album “The Chronicle of Our Artistic Circle” published in typography of Anatoliy Mamontov to the 15th anniversary of home performances. This album shows the tableau vivant, staged in December 1878, and presents comedy “Near an Art” (1894) written by Savva Mamontov. This material is the basis of the exhibition “Theatre begins from Abramtsevo!”.

The exhibition runs as a part of the project “Russian Seasons in Italy” under the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.











Abramtsevo Festival “The Crown of the Summer”



All day August 19, 2018 the festive farewell to summer was held in Abramtsevo. All day the art exhibition fair worked for the visitors of the Museum. The event took place at several sites: in the Museum park near Polenov's Dacha, in front of the Manor House and on the Verranda of the Manor House. Many masters of fine, decorative and applied arts presented their works. Moreover, various entertaining and useful master-classes were held.











Exhibition “Life in Abramtsevo”



Exhibition period: August 15 – September 16, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


September 15, 2018 an exhibition “Life in Abratmsevo. Painting. Anastasiya Sokolova, Valeriy Chernoritskiy, Nikita Chernoritskiy, Taisiya Chernoritskaya” was opened in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.

Anastasiya Sokolova and Valeriy Chernoritskiy are the corrsponding members of the Russian Academy of Arts. Their children Nikita and Taisiya are the students of the Moscow Academic Art Institute named after Surikov and the Moscow Academic Art High School of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Exhibition of artistic family is a fact, that deserves special attention. The Sokolovs – Chernoritskiye live in Abramtsevo Artistic village in summer and autumn. And name of the exhibition was born by this life. Abramtsevo is a place of inspiration and creativity for them.

Valeriy Chernoritskiy is famous by his monumental works, which it is possible to see in Lithuania, Corsica and Umbria. These works are the painting of chapels, which were made together with his wife Nastya Sokolova during 1991 – 2008.

Nikita and Taisiya the Chernoritskiye are the furiously dedicated people to art. “Furiously” is about a temperament. Such quantity of sketches, drawings, picturesque paintings and pencil sketches is possible to see, but not by so young painters.

The artists show the Abramtsevo painting – landscapes, garden still-life, family portraits and portraits of citizens of the village.

Abramtsevo – always new and constant – gives the Sokolovs-Chernoritskiye inspiration to paint! And the motives are the same as for the Mamontovs' friends – artists – flowers and grass. Portraits of contemporaries-neighbors (Taisiya Goryaeva, Alexey Shmarinov, Sergey Alimov, Tom Patterson) depict not an individual plastic arts, but a general Abramtsevo country mood of melancholy and beautiful comfort and calm.

The exhibition invites spectators into the world of chamber, lyrical, calm, colored “the Moscow school” of painting.







Exhibition of Works by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Pleasure of Architectural Creativity”



Exhibition period: July – August, 2018

Location: Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior


The Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” with the Funds of Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the Vasnetsovs with the support of the Russian Orthodox Church, in connection with the 170th anniversary from the birth of the prominent Russian artist Viktor Vanetsov organize an exhibition in July-August, 2018 in Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The exhibition is unique in that it reveals and highlights little known pages of creativity if this famous artist at the first time.

The materials of exhibition tell about the first architectural project by Viktor Vasnetsov, when he, by his own words, felt “pleasure of architectural creativity”. In summer 1881 the artist with Vasiliy Polenov created a project of the Church of the Savior at Abramtsevo, in construction of which the artists were directly involved. The materials of the exhibition, such as the project of the church, sketches of iconostasis, the gonfalon, shroud help to imagine the intentions of artists, which virtually all were realized. A small estate church played a great role in the birth of a big style, and exactly church in Abramtsevo stands at the origins of Art Nouveau.

From Abramtsevo Viktor Vasnetsov went to Kiev. Here, in “the Mother of Russian towns” he headed the works on painting of St. Vladimir's Cathedral. Unique photos of interiors of the cathedral made in the end of the 19th century are shown at the present exhibition.

Moreover, the exhibition aims to inspire the organizers for the holding of continental traveling exhibition in foreign church centers of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia in 2018-2019.








Exhibition of Painting and Graphics by Alexander Berezin



Exhibition period: July 17 – August 19, 2018

Location: Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” (Kooperativnaya 23, Khotkovo, Sergiev Posad district, Moscow region)


July 17, 2018 an exhibition of works by the artist Alexander Berezin began its work in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. He is a painter and a graphic artist; his works are in genres of painting, still-life painting and portrait.

Alexander Berezin was born in May 27, 1935 in Kharkov. During the years of the Great Patriotic War he had experienced all the horrors of occupation. His father died at the front, his mother died too, and a little child got into an orphanage. In March 1948 his aunt took him away an orphanage and brought to Abramtsevo. She worked in Abramtsevo military hospital, and then after war – in a rest house.

Living near the artists’ village, Alexander Berezin met famous Soviet masters of Arts, such as Pavel Radimov, Igor Grabar, Dementiy Shmarinov and Alexey Orlov. He was lucky to watch the work by sculptor Vera Mukhina. Magic landscapes of Abramtsevo have been a source of inspiration for the work of artist.

The exhibition presents works from an author’s collection. If you try to find a key to understand a difficult simplicity of the art by Alexander Berezin, so firstly it is important to point that a base of his works is a deep poetic feeling. Many works by the artist are of small size, but they are valued by their flavor and were finished skillfully. They overgrow the frames of a sketch and become independent paintings.








Exhibition “I am Radimov Pavel, an Artist and a Poet…”



Exhibition period: July 14 – August 12, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


An exhibition “I am Radimov Pavel, an artist and a poet…” is devoted to works by one of the most Abramtsevo artists of the 20th century Pavel Radimov (1887 – 1967).

Who is the artist of Abramtsevo? Abramtsevo artist is a synonym with the singer of nature. Nature is endowed with spiritual element, in which the love of the Creator is felt most directly. In different times artists visited Abramtsevo and felt the uniqueness and spirit of this place. Radimov has lived in Abramtsevo village of artists more than 30 years. However, the matter is not in longevity, but in dedication and tenderness, in his own “intonation”, he used to tell about Abramtsevo in his poems and picturesque works.

This exhibition introduces a small amount of artistic heritage of Pavel Radimov. But the exhibitors wanted to show the personality of artist with the help of his works, personal items and an archive. He is a friend and student of Nikolay Pheshin, a friend of Sergey Esenin and Vladimir Mayakovskiy. When he joined the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions (Peredvizhniki), Ilya Repin and Vasiliy Polenov acted as guarantors. By circumstances he became the last chairman of the Association and the first of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (AKhRR). In 1934 he participated in foundation of Novo-Abramtsevo dacha-cooperate not far from the legendary estate. He published the collections of his poems, holded exhibitions, traveled across Country of Soviets (Turkmenistan, Belorussia, Tartary, Uzbekistan, Chuvashia, Bashkiria), took part in foreign exhibitions in Venice, London, Berlin, New-York, Munich, Cologne, Stockholm. Regarding Abramtsevo, it gave him a rare feeling of peace.

The exhibition of works by Pavel Radimov will be held from July 14 to August 12. Last personal exhibition was held in Moscow in 1962 (it was coincided to the 75th anniversary from the birth).








Future Restorers Visited Abramtsevo



During the summer practical work students and teachers of the department “Restoration” of the Moscow College of Architecture, Design and Re-engineering No. 26 visited the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. They were told about the work of their colleagues in the Museum and shown exhibits restored by the museum specialists. Students presented their reports, visited excursion tours, which made vivid and indelible impressions on them.











The Day of Saint Peter and Saint Fevroniya in Abramtsevo


July 8, 2018 the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” celebrated the Day of Saint Peter and Saint Fevroniya, also as known as the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness. Over the last two centuries the Abramtsevo estate was a home for friendly, creative families, which were kind and hospitable owners for all their talented guests. This year continuing the tradition of owners of estate, the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” held this family holiday with different performances, songs and dances, plays and etc.










Exhibition from Abramtsevo at the Urzhum Museum



Exhibition period: since July 29, 2018

Location: the Memorial Museum named after S. M. Kirov (Kirova 70, Urzhum town, Kirov province)


Since June 29, 2018 an exhibition “Artists in Abramtsevo” was opened in the Memorial Museum named after Sergey Kirov. Photos from the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. It displays more than 15 oversize photos from the funds of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The exhibition introduces visitors with estate “Abramtsevo” of the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th centuries and its inhabitants – family of the owner of the estate Savva Mamontov and his friends – artists, such as Vasiliy Polenov, Viktor and Apollinariy the Vasnetsovs, Ilya Repin, Mikhail Vrubel, Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin, Ilya Ostroukhov and the others.







The Lecture about the Russian Tile



June 19, 2018 a meeting with a Doctor of Historic Sciences, a specialist in pottery, an employee of the Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve Svetlana Baranova was held in Abramtsevo. The theme of lecture was “The Russian Tile: History of Research”.

The participants of the events were museum staff, restorers and artists. Lecture and presentation aroused great interest in audience. At the end there was a presentation of the book “The Ceramic Installation”, which is devoted to Alexey Philippov (1882-1956) – the greatest Russian specialist in ceramics, artist and teacher, technologist, historian, restorer and collector of the Russian tile. The edition is dedicated to a whole sector of the Russian art – architectural ceramics of the 1900-1950s.

The Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” extends special thanks to the Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve and Svetlana Baranova particularly.











Fair of Art Crafts in Abramtsevo



June 11, 2018 a fair of arts and crafts and a range of various activities (as part of the celebrations of the Day of Russia) were held in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Dozens of masters of decorative and applied arts from Abramtsevo, Khotkovo, Sergiev Posad and Moscow district took part in it. All guests played old games, such as gorodki, hoopla or lapta bat, took part in different master-classes and caught fish in Polenov's pond.







Exhibition “Phantasmagoria by Sergey Alimov”



Exhibition period: June 9 – July 8, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


June 9, 2018 an exhibition “Phantasmagoria by Sergey Alimov” was opened in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abratmsevo”. Exhibition is coincided with the anniversary - 80 years from the birth of one of the most famous Russian animation designer, graphic artist and illustrator Sergey Alimov.

The exhibition combines graphic sheets connected with theme “Russian fantastic story”. Besides book illustrations the exhibition presents works to animation films and theatre sketches including the sketches of puppets for the performances of the Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov.

The visitor will see about 50 works over the years and will estimate the originality of plastic manner of the master, his creative phases and versatility of experience.

The exhibition runs till July 8, 2018.







Abramtsevo at Intermuseum-2018



From May 31 to June 3, 2018 the jubilee 20th International festival “Intermuseum-2018” was held in Moscow. Only 173 out of the 500 applications from museums of Russian and countries of the near and far abroad were chosen for next round of Festival. Our museum was among them. It presented 2 projects - “Abramtsevo – Crimea” and “We go to Abramtsevo”.

“Intermuseum-2018” gave the opportunity for the museums showcase achievements, to share its experiences, to cooperate fruitfully with colleagues and guests of the Festival and to participate in various master-classes and other events.











Congratulations on the International Museum Day!






Festive Program to the 9th of May at Abramtsevo




May 6, 2018 the festive event dedicated to the Victory Day was held in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. A concert with participation of the students of Moscow Children's Art School No. 17, ensemble of wind instruments was also held in Manor Estate House. Works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Camille Saint-Saëns, Francis Poulenc and others were performed before visitors by the Honored artist of Russian Federation Svetlana Orudgheva (piano), laureates and diploma winners of All-Russian and international contests Stepan Bachevich, Piotr Dolinin, Kirill Tantsirev, Kun Khan.



Exhibition “Leonid Pisarev. Natalia Nesterova. Painting”



Exhibition period: April 28 – June 3, 2018

Location: Polenov’s Dacha


The project “Leonid Pisarev. Natalia Nesterova. Painting” presents over 40 works by the artists. This exhibition is the jubilee – Leonid Pisarev celebrates his 80th birthday on April 28. He was a student of Alexander Deineka, worked in the field of monumental painting and architecture, and practiced an easel art. During last decade the artist organized some personal exhibitions including an exhibition in the magazine “Our Heritage” (“Portraits of Houses”, 2010). He teaches courses in painting in the department of scenography of GITIS (State University of Theater Art). Works for this exhibition were selected very strict and “conceptually”. The artist shares his intense and at the same time light “thoughts” about the basis of Russian life, its utopia and powerful nature.

Leonid Pisarev and Natalia Nesterova have been working for years and have great experience in joint creative projects. He remembers, when in the end of the 1960s girls from Moscow secondary art school broke into the Moscow Academic Art Institute named after Surikov. He had chosen Natasha Nesterova. Natasha had chosen him. And their son Lyova had chosen them both. They have travelled the country from Kamchatka to Pamir, watched and painted. For several years Natalia became a real artist.

Natalia Nesterova is the academician of Russian Academy of Arts, honored artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize and the “Triumph” Award, Professor of painting in GITIS. Annually her exhibitions are held in Moscow and New York. And in the first time – at Abramtsevo.

The exhibition presents “scenic” paintings by Natalia Nesterova. She is attentive and ironic. A man involved in a daily life is in the center of the world depicted by the artist. Then a painting follows, which is so extraordinary, exciting, surrealistic, that many critics and curators try to guess this mysterious play of language and shape. So it will be more interesting to look at the plastic interpretation of Abramtsevo.

As a rule, organizers of the Museum give the titles to exhibitions by themselves. Pisarev-Nesterova gave up on the title. There are their names in it, as a sign of individual artistic and emotional world perception.







Concert of Classic Music at Abramtsevo


May 1, 2018 the concert of classical music was held in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The event took place in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum and was organised in the framework if the 3d All-Russian Students' Festival of Classic Music “Musica Integral”.








The Treatment by Beauty



The program of rehabilitation and education for pupils of Moscow psycho-neurological school No. 22 is continuing at the Museum “Abramtsevo”. April 27, 2018 guests of the Museum visited the Church of the Savior and then painted wooden eggs based on choir-places in the church.







Musical Evening by Daria Davydova in Abramtsevo





April 14, 2018 a concert by a guest soloist with the Bolshoi Theater Daria Davydova was held in Manor House of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Piano by laureate of international contests – Ludmila Dikhan.

The program included as the most popular romances of the 19th-20th centuries and the best fold songs.







Cultural Journey “We Go to Abramtsevo!”


March 11, 2018 an outstanding event was held in Abramtsevo – a footpath to the Museum-Reserve was opened after reconstruction. On this occasion a cultural journey from railway station “Abramtsevo” to the main entrance to the Museum was held. There was a colorful festal day. Among contemporary dressed people one could see sirs and ladies dressed in manner of XIX century. Also guests could visit an excursion “Atmosphere of Art” and vernissage of local artists. Young visitors played folk games. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy of State Duma Sergey Pakhomov, the Minister of Culture of the Moscow region Oksana Kosareva, the Head of Sergiev Posad district Mikhail Tokarev, the Head of Khotkovo town Rita Tikhomirova, and the Deputes of the Moscow Region Duma Sergey Dvoinykh and Alexander Legkov.


Photo by Olga Tikhomirova







Exhibition “Savva Mamontov: “Hasten to Live...”



Exhibition period: March 23 — April 22, 2018

Location: Polenov's Dacha


March 23, 2018 an exhibition “Savva Mamontov: “Hasten to live...” is opened in Polenov's Dacha of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. It coincided with 110 years from the date of death of Russian entrepreneur and patron of arts Savva Ivanovich Mamontov.

Our exhibition presents the photographic portraits of Savva Mamontov during 60 years of his life, from 1855 to 1915. Many of these photos were glued on album sheets and were brought from the descendants of the Mamontovs in different years. These photos have been copied and zoomed. The images, drawings, applications show the bright, complicated and eventful life of this famous family. Savva Mamontov never gave up during all his hardest periods of his life as it is illustrated on rare and previously unknown photos after 1900, that is after the devastation and the prison. We hope, that this small chamber exhibition will be interesting for all fans of unique and stunningly beautiful person. “Actors, artists, poets are the most precious common good in the world. The country will be powerful when people will be able to understand it.” (Savva Mamontov)







Exhibition “Theater Begins with Abramtsevo” in Poland


March 16, 2018 Russian Educational and Cultural Center in Gdansk (Poland) opened an exhibition “Theater Begins with Abramtsevo” which is timed to coincide with the Day of Theater in Russia. Exhibition presents sketches of theatrical costumes created in Abramtsevo. The exhibition was officially opened by Director of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” Elena Voronina.

The same day the specialists of the Museum gave open lesson for students of the Gdansk General Secondary School (Lyceum) No. 19. The researcher of Abramtsevo Museum Mikhail Suvorov told about history of the Museum and deep cultural significance of Abramtsevo Estate for Russian society during XIX – XX centuries.













Exhibition of Works by Valentina Bulygina “Edges of Inspiration”



Exhibition period: March 7 — April 8, 2018

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” opened the long-awaited exhibition of works by a prominent artist of decorative and applied arts, ceramist Valentina Vasilievna Bulygina (1994-2008). It was organized to mark the 70th anniversary from the date of birth of the artist.

Exposition presents works from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, author's and private ones. The aim of the exhibition is to show the edges of inspiration and high skill of the artist.

Meeting with art of Valentina Bulygina is always a feast, and a wonderful world of the artist, a fascinating world of beauty, love and wisdom unfolds before the visitors.

Valentina Bulygina was born in Chelyabinsk. She graduated the department of art pottery in Abramtsevo artistic and industrial college named after Viktor Vasnetsov (1967). Then she was working at Bronnitsa porcelain factory “Vozrozdenie” (1968) and at Chelyabinsk artistic and industrial workshop of Russian Artistic fund (1968-1972) as an artist.

But all further life of the artist was connected with Khotkovo town. She taught theory of composition and inmplementing skill at Abramtsevo artistic and industrial college named after Viktor Vasnetsov (1973 – 1982). She has trained the entire pleiad of famous ceramists.

Works by Valentina Bulygina are in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, Sergiev Posad State Historical and Artistic Museum-Reserve, All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Ensemble Kuskovo, in Russian private collections and abroad.






The Concert “Music of Russian Estate”



February 25, 2018 the concert of students of the State Musical Pedagogical Institute named after Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov was held in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Young performers presented their virtuosity on national musical instruments of the class of the Honored Worker of the Russian Federation, laureate of All-Russian and International contests Irina Diakonova. Concertmaster and laureate of International contest Irina Glazunova will accompany the students. Works of Russian and foreign composers of the past and the modern time were performed.





Exhibition “Theater Begins with Abramtsevo” in Warsaw


Exhibition period: since February 20, 2018

Location: Russian Educational and Cultural Center in Warsaw


February 20, 2018 Russian Educational and Cultural Center in Warsaw opened an exhibition from the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” which is timed to coincide with the Day of Theater in Russia.

Exhibition is devoted to Russian entrepreneur and patron of arts Savva Mamontov, which the 175th anniversary from his birth was celebrated in 2016. Exposition presents theatrical works by such prominent Russian and Soviet artists of XIX-XX centuries as Valentin Serov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Vasiliy Polenov, Vera Aralova, also portrait and genre scenes drawings, sketches of decorations and costumes, photo documents, posters of the productions of Abramtsevo home theater.

The best adoration of the event was the brilliant performance of students of theatrical studio “Kaleidoscope” of general secondary school of the Embassy of the Russian Federation (Artistic Director is Ella Gruzdeva). Children performed play from the famous fairy tale “The Snow Queen”.









Photo Exhibition “S. A. V. V. A” Opened in Cultural and Educational Centre “Dubrava”



Exhibition period:February 11 - April 1, 2018

Location: The cultural and educational centre “Dubrava” named after archipriest Alexander Men


February 11, 2018 an exhibition “S. A. V. V. A” opened in cultural and educational centre “Dubrava” named after archipriest Alexander Men. The display presents photo materials from the funds of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo and is coincided with the anniversary of 100 years from the death of Savva Ivanovuch Mamontov (1841-1918). An exposition shows the least known pages of his biography and tells about the children of this famous industrialist and patron of arts.

Savva and Elizaveta the Mamontovs had five children – Sergey, Andrey, Vsevolod, Vera and Alexandra. The first letters of their names compose “Savva” and this is not accidental, but a symbol of a particular family integrity, reflection of absolute authority of Savva Mamontov. The exhibition represents photos of members of the Mamontovs' family, which life was very rich and interesting. The children of this family received good education: boys were studying at the gymnasium, then Sergey was studying at the Nikolayev Military School, Andrey – at the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, and Vsevolod – at the Moscow University. The most important is that they received excellent home education: every one knew several languages (during foreign trips parents employed teachers and also the children communicated with local children), they did gymnastics, fencing, read a lot, trained music, painted and wrote poems.

The main objective of the exhibition is to display unique life atmosphere of the big and friendly family of the Mamontovs and the way of life of Russian Estate of the 20th century.

The exhibition runs till April 1, 2018.






Exhibition “The Good Night Stories”



Exhibition period: February 4 — March 17, 2018

Location: Polenov's Dacha


Exhibition “The Good Night Stories” presents works of graphics, painting, decorative and applied art from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.

Russian folk tales reveal fabulous world that became a source of inspiration for the artists of the Mamontovs' (or Abramtsevo) Circle. The revived elements of nature, prophetic birds, spells and rites, the deepest mysteries, dreams and signs, all these things encouraged such artists as Elena Polenova, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Vrubel, Viktor Vasnetsov and the others famous painters of Abramtsevo union. Their works in genres of painting, graphics, decorative and applied arts will be shown in two exhibition halls of Polenov's Dacha.

Visitors can dive into a fairy-tale and fascinating atmosphere of Abramtsevo, will be able to take part in master-classes, to cradle a baby bassinet, to try his hand at the role of storyteller, and to listen fairy-tales. The fairy-tale is only as a fable and fantastic story on the outside, but it gives a meaning to the emotional world of a man from his childhood. Our exhibition will be interesting for children and adults, who will be able to plot their own good night story in future.









Exhibition “Viktor Vasnetsov at Abramtsevo”



Exhibition period: since January 2, 2018

Location: The Art Museum named after V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsov (Kirov, Vyatka)


Since January 2, 2018 the Art Museum named after V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsov (Kirov, Vyatka) opened a new exhibition “Viktor Vasnetsov at Abramtsevo”. This exhibition project was implemented in close collaboration between the Museum-Reeserve “Abramtsevo” and the Vyatka Art Museum. It is dedicated to the 170th anniversary from the birth of Viktor Vasnetseov.

This exhibition presents around 40 works by Viktor Vasnetsov from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. They cover more that 50 years of creativity the artist from the beginning – the middle of the 1870s to the last years of his life, and the artist's latest series of paintings from 1923. These works are mainly the sketches, they reflect the process of work under large projects and pictorial canvases, including the Church of the Savior in Abramtsevo, the design of the performance “The Snow-Maiden”.

Viktor Vasnetseov met the Mamontovs in 1878. Abramtsevo became the unique in his art, practically key projects of Viktor Vasnetsov were connected to artistic interests of the Mamontov's Circle. In the 1880s at Abramtsevo and its vicinities the artist has worked under 3 projects at the same time, such as “Three Princesses of Underworld”, “Alyonushka”, “The Bogatyrs”, series of panels for the Historical Museum “The Stone Age”, sketches of decorations and costumes to “The Snow-Maiden”, projects of the Church of the Savior” and the Hut on the Chicken Legs, and many others.



Musical Evening at Abramtsevo





February 24, 2018 the musical evening “The Obsession. Ivan Turgenev and Pauline Viardot. Vocal and epistolary mix” was held in Manor House of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. As is widely known, Abramtsevo is one of the main sites of memory of Ivan Turgenev near Moscow. Ivan Turgenev visited Abramtsevo and stayed here at the owner of the Estate, writer Sergey Aksakov (in the 1854-1855s), then at the entrepreneur and patron of arts Savva Mamontov (in 1878). So the guests had unique opportunity to watch a performance on theme about Ivan Turgenev.

Olga Nevskaya (vocal), Marina Lisovets (actress), Dmitriy Maltsev (piano, arrangement). The author of the idea is Elena Ronina.

An event was held with the support of the Turgenev Society in Moscow.





Pancake Days at Abramtsevo!



February 18, 2018 the program “A Big Maslenitsa” was held in the Museum-Reserve "Abramtsevo". During this day from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” offered a full and varied program, which included the vernissage of the artists, sightseeing of Polenov’s Dacha, Studio, Bathhouse, Church of the Savior and Kitchen, author’s excursion along the Museum Park, the oldest games, songs and dances, the Pancake post, ice slide, captures of the snow fortress, fair of souvenirs, festive food. In the end of the event a burning of a straw puppet that embodies Winter and its end was held.





Maslenitsa Is in Full Swing


February 16, 2018 as a part of Pancake holidays a lot of plays, master-classes, and exciting tours continued in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Young guests of the Museum competed with hoop-la, running with pancakes, finger-pointing and other Pancake plays. Also they painted wooden Matryoshka and learnt a lot about the history of Abramtsevo and Russian fairy-tales.

In the coming days there will be more entertainments of a Big Maslenitsa!

You are welcome!





Pancake Programs Started in the Museum


From February 14, 2018 the Pancake programs started in Abramtsevo Museum. Young guests learnt a lot about Russian traditions, history of folk fairy tales from the real magic heroes, painted wooden Matryoshka . Traditionally, as well as Maslenitsa holidays, it ended with tea party with pancakes.





Congratulations on the International Women's Day!




Congratulations on International Day of Guide!



Dear colleagues,


We wish you all good health, active and fruitful activity in the professional field as well as all the best in your personal life. Let the good mood and good luck be to you all the year!




Music and Poetic Performance in the Museum


February 3, 2018 a musical and poetic performance “This is the world of charm, this is silver world!” was held in Manor House of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Pupils and teachers of Chernogolovka Children's Art School named after Elena Makurenkova had performed before the hearers. The organizer of the event is Director of school Olga Agroskina. Various musical and poetic works associated with the Silver Age of Russian poetry were interpreted during the event.






Winter Snowfall in Abramtsevo


In early February heavy snowfalls came to Abramtsevo and all vicinities of Moscow. These weather conditions have forced road services to work a lot, but also created amazing pictures of winter fairy tale. Inspired by snow magic, one of the visitors of the Museum, to the surprise and admiration of other guests, made an angel from snow.






Exhibition “The Banks” by Ludmila Ermilova



Exhibition period: January 17, 2018 — February 18, 2018

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


January 17, 2018 an exhibition of graphic art “The Banks” by Ludmila Ermilova was opened in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. This exhibition combines works created by the artist in various graphic techniques during the last three years. The careful spectator will notice the change of creative style of master.

Perhaps, the main themes of art of Ludmila Ermilova – her banks - remain unchanged.

Graphic artist Ludmila Ermilova was born January 15, 1948 in family of sailor-navigator in Murmansk. The artist shows all her love to the Russian North, its culture and traditions of the Pomors through her creativity.

Ludmila Ermilova graduated from the department of decorative ceramics of  the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School (today College) named after Viktor Vasnetsov in 1968, then the department of weaving and cloth painting of the Moscow Institute of Technology with a specialty “Artistic decoration of cloth and fabrics” (1974).

Ludmila Ermilova is a constant participant of art exhibitions. She is a famous graphic artist, working at the style of contemporary Russian folk graphics (woodcut and lino-cut), talented teacher, the Merited Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation (1995), member of the Union of Artists of Russia (since 1993), active member of Russian Academy of Folk Arts.

Her works are in State Historical, Artistic and Literary Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, Moscow State Museum of Russian Lubok and Naive Art, the Gallery of Arts “F. I. Chaliapin Museum” in Moscow, the Artistic and Pedagogical Museum of Toys in Sergiev Posad, in private collections and abroad.

As an artist, Ludmila Ermilova works in different graphic techniques: pencil drawing, watercolors, gouache, ink drawing and pen drawing. She is doing outstanding works in the technique of book graphics. Moreover, she is an athour of illustrations to the series of books of researcher and expert in Russian toys Galina Dain.

However, the talent of Ludmila Ermilova is most clearly seen in works, which are made in the style of folk graphics, in teqniques of linocut and woodcut, painted by watercolors.

Our exhibition includes more than 100 works from the author's collection and the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.






Presentation of the Book about Alexander Samarin



January 25, 2018 the launching of the book by Sergey Chernishev and archipriest Dmitriy Sazonov “Fighting the good fight...”, devoted to Alexander Samarin was held in Abramtsevo. The publication of this book is coincided with the 150th anniversary from the birth of A. D. Samarin.

The name of the author of the book, and the biography of the person to whom it is dedicated are unique. Sergey Chernishev is the Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, great grandson of the prominent Russian merchant and patron of the arts Savva Mamontov, the grandson of his daughter Vera Mamontova, a famous “Girl with Peaches”.

Alexander Samarin (1868-1932), grandfather of the author of the book, left an important mark in native history, both in pre-revolutionary and post-revolutionary. He was the Chief Procurator of the Holy Synod, the Leader of the Moscow nobility, and the nominee on the Patriarchal See... He worked for a time in the Museum “Abramtsevo” after revolution. It is separately possible also to distinguish his marriage on Vera Mamontova, who died too early, but he remained loyal to her forever...

And the grandson of Alexander Samarin and Vera Mamontova, our contemporary tells about their life in his book...










Presentation of Catalog about the Ermilovs' Art


January 17, 2018 the exhibition “The Banks” was opened in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. In the framework of the opening the catalog by artists the Ermilovs will be presented.

Vasiliy Ermilov is the prominent artist of arts and crafts and wood carver. Over the years of his activity he found his own individual style, unique “Ermilov's” drawing of Abramtsevo-Kudrino carving.

Ludmila Ermilova is a famous graphic artist, working in the style of contemporary Russian folk graphics (woodcut and lino-cut), talented teacher, the Merited Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Folk art became their favorite genre, and each of them developed their own individual style. The main aim of published book is to present a vivid picture of art of the Ermilovs.

Ludmila Ermilova is the inspirer of this project, Alexey Ermilov created the design and typography, Anna Andrianova is the author and compiler of opening articles, Natalia Malashina is the editor, photo by Alexander Egupets and Ekaterina Bazlova.









Abramtsevo Celebrated Christmas


January 8, 2018 festive and interactive programs “Christmas Miracles” were held in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.

The Mamontovs always spent Christmas holidays with all the honors and celebrations. This family was known by theatrical and artistic projects. That is why Abramtsevo is rich by its Christmas traditions, and young guests and their parents were able to get acquainted with them.

Children and adults visited Abramtsevo Church and Kitchen opened after restoration. They found out many interesting things about Christmas holiday. Then they made bright colorful masks of funny fairy animals and birds with their own hands and went caroling. Our guests did not come empty handed, but with a bag of gifts. At the end of the event a festive tea-party with spice cakes took place.






Presentation of the Project “The Book of Job” at Abramtsevo


What is a book? This trivial question could be answered variously. For some people it is the source of information, for somebody it is a quality book of classic writer, for the other one it is the beautiful illustrations, and somebody will tell that the book is eReader only. And few will remember about a book of an artist, livre d*artiste, as about unique artistic phenomenon, which unites literary text, fine art and book printing.

January 3, 2018 the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” gave the presentation of the book of artist. For this project of the major texts from the Old Testament “The Book of Job” was chosen. The specific feature of livre d*artiste is that not a professional illustrator designed the book, but the artist, that refers this work of art to the world of the great art. Special attention was paid to  text font, its size, the position of text on the list and printing technique.

The State Historical, Artistic and Literary Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, the artist Tatiana Malyukova and the publisher Alexey Babayan presented the project livre d*artiste “The Book of Job”.






Exhibition of works by Tatiana Selvinskaya “The Games over the Years”



Exhibition period: December 27, 2017 – February 4, 2018

Location: Polenov's Dacha


The jubilee exhibition of Tatiana Ilinichna Selvinskaya is a wonderful gift to the visitors of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.

It presents picturesque series of works by Tatiana Selvinskaya of the beginning of the 2000s and works of 2017. It should be reminded that the artist was born in 1927 in the family of poet Ilya Selvinskiy. She is closely linked to Abramtsevo museum through her teacher Robert Falk. Tatiana Selvinskaya is a Russian theatre designer, painter and poet, honoured for Services to the Arts in 1990, became a Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 1994 and an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts in 2012. She was working with many prominent film directors, among them Nikolay Okhlopkov and Pyotr Fomenko. Tatyana Selvinskaya has created decorations for almost 150 plays in theatres of Moscow and other cities – from Odessa to Magadan. In 1966-1978 Tatyana Selvinskaya was teaching a course of theatre composition at the Moscow 1905 Year Memorial Arts College. She trained more than 100 pupils. Tatyana Selvinskaya is an active participant of numerous exhibitions, both individual and group ones. Her works are exhibited on The State Tretyakov Gallery, The Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, theatre museums and art galleries of St. Petersburg, Kiev, Chelyabinsk, Simferopol and Bryansk.

Expositional space of Abramtsevo museum inspired the artist to show the series and cycles of works such as “Spain”, “Adam and Eve”, “The Light from the Windows”, “Dedication”, “After Life” and “An Angel”. The creativity of the author is far from eventivity. But it is not isolated from the world. “My great predecessors – Korovin, Golovin, Serov – integrated the pictorial art into theatre. But on the contrary I integrate theatre into pictorial art”, - Tatiana Selvinskaya says. Hence is the name of the exhibition - “The Games over the Years”. As a theatre artist, Tatiana Selvinskaya has a keen and sensitive eye, is not afraid to experiment with form and color. Tatiana Selvinskaya has bright, recognizable style of painting. But the artist confesses: “I have never sought my own style”. However, this is her style.






Exhibition of Ceramics by Irina Shchetinina “Without Fussing”



Exhibition period: December 22, 2017 – January 14, 2018

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


A new exhibition featuring ceramic works by Irina Schetinina opened on December 22 in Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.

Irina Shchetinina (Grigorenko) is and artist working in the fiels of applied arts, ceramist. She was born in 1960 in Kaliningrad, Moscow Region (not it's name is Korolyov). Graduated an artistic department of Moscow Institute of Technology (1983) with a specialty in decorative and applied arts, has worked for Gzhel factory, Feniyskiy majolica factory(1983-1990) and experimental artistic enterprise of the Union of Artists of Russia “Vorontsovo”. She participated at artistic groups and often made drawing lots (1990-2005). She was the teacher of ceramics at the Children's Art School “Vozrozhdenie” in Korolyov city (1990-2007).

Since 1988 Irina Shchetinina is the member of the Artists Union of Russia, since 1983 constant participant of exhibitions.

Works by the artist are in the collections of Egorievsk History and Art Museum, All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Gzhel Museum, State Museum of Ceramics of the Museum-Estate “Kuskovo”.

Creativity of Irina Shchetinina is lyrical and optimistic. Works of the master are very bright, expressive and highly professional. She has fine sense of material. Among a wide variety of ceramic techniques the artist uses the traditional work on a pottery wheel.

Our exhibition presents more than 70 works of the master. Decorative compositions, panels, layers, plates show love of tha artist to surrounding world and its beauty. She shared her thoughts and feelings, and invites the spectator to think about essential one.

Exhibition will run till January 14, 2018.







Exhibition of Works by the Sculptor Raisa Lysenina



Exhibition period: October 27 – November 26, 2017

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


October 27, 2015 the Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” opened the exhibition of works by sculptor Raisa Lysenina “The Way to Yourself”.

Born on November 19, 1955 in Ryazan, she graduated from the department of art stone processing of the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School (today College) named after Viktor Vasnetsov (1975).

With thanks and deep appreciation Raisa Lysenina devotes this exhibition to her teachers of the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School.

Several years after the Abramtsevo Artistic and Industrial School the artist graduated from the faculty of monumental and decorative sculpture of the Leningrad Higher Industrial and Art School named after Vera Mukhina (1987).

Raisa Lysenina lives in her hometown Ryazan, works in the sphere of the easel and monumental-decorative sculpture. As the artist of a wide range of creative abilities and talents, she embodies her ideas in stone and bronze, ceramics, glass and wood.

The sculptor is a constant participant of international and Russian art exhibitions (since 1987), the participant of international, All-Russian and regional sculptural symposiums on stone (since 1991).

Since 2012 one is the most picturesque places of Khotkovo is decorated by the sculptural composition “St. Piotr and Fevroniya”, made by Larisa Lysenina during the stone symposium “Khotkovo Seasons – 2012”. It has become an enjoyable tradition for newly-married couples to come to this sculpture.

Moreover, Raisa Lysenina is the participant of international and All-Russian Ice and Snow Sculpture Festivals (since 1990). She is the founder and President of a non-profit organization “Creative Heritage”, which is engaged in the preservation of heritage of the passed away artists from Ryazan (since 2004).

Exposition presents monumental sculpture, small plastic arts and sculptural compositions.






Exhibition “Elizaveta Mamontova. The 170th Anniversary from the Date of the Birth”



Exhibition period: September 22, 2017 – November 6, 2017

Location: Polenov's Dacha


September 22, 2017 the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” opened a new exhibition about the owner of the Abramtsevo Estate, the wife of Savva Mamontov Elizaveta Grigorievna Mamontova. She played a great role in the history of Artistic union, known as Abramtsevo Artistic Circle. She created a special atmosphere in the Estate – active and at the same time cozy.

Elizaveta Mamontova was born on September 1 (13), 1847 in the family of famous textile manufacturers the Sapozhnikovs. From the childhood she was serious, calm, showed great abilities in Mathematics, Literature, but most of all she was involved with Music, and at one time she took music lessons from a concert pianist Clara Schumann.

During the trip along Italy she met Savva Mamontov and in April, 1865 they got married. Elizaveta Mamontova belonged to Russian women who had been brought up in novels by Ivan Turgenev that is women who can make their own independent choice.

Elizaveta Mamontova was actively engaged in charity. She established a hospital, a joinery school for children at Abramtsevo. “An attempt to combine reading and writing and artistic development of population” by Valentin Serov was first implemented in a small Abramtsevo school. Later it was restructured into an artistic enterprise known as Abramtsevo joinery, and Elena Polenova became its first director.

Elizaveta Mamontova paid a great deal of attention to creation of home museum, building of church, participation in home performances. She did not imagine her life without art, books, the sustainable development and self-improvement. By the end of the 60s when the first women’s classes began in Moscow, Elizaveta Mamontova attended a specialized training course on Mathematics; having 5 children she visited the lectures of Vasiliy Klyuchevsky, Ivan Sechenov, and studied history of antique art.

This exhibition presents portraits of Elizaveta Mamontova, her children and their educators, documents, books, household items and personal belongings, “home museum” materials and products of Abramtsevo joinery workshop.






Concert by Viktor Ryabchikov at Abramtsevo


August 29, 2017 as a part of the Festival “The Scarlet Flower” the concert of truly kind friend of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, the Associate Professor of the Academy of Choral Arts named after Viktor Popov, the Vice-President of Society of Mikhail Glinka, the honorary member of Berlin Society named after Mikhail Glinka Viktor Ryabchikov was held in Manor House of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. Maestro performed works of Russian and foreign composers.

Soon, in the end of September the musician is expected to return to Abramtsevo and will present his new program – music of the 19th century.











Holiday of the Church of the Savior at Abramtsevo


August 29, 2017 the temple holiday of the Church of the Savior was celebrated in Abramtsevo. This day Russian Orthodox Church honors Icon of the Savior (16th August old style). This holiday is also called Savior of the Nut Feast Day or Savior of the Bread Feast Day by people.

There was the divine worship, which was officiated the Beneficiary of situated in Akhtyrka Mother of God Church archpriest Boris Mozhaev. Among the parishioners the descendants of the founder of Abramtsevo Artistic Circle Savva Mamontov (such as Sergey Cherniyshev) visited the Divine Liturgy.











Abramtsevo Festival “The Crown of the Summer”



For the first time the festive farewell to summer was held at Abramtsevo. All day an art exhibition fair worked for the visitors of the Museum. This event took place at 2 sites: in the Museum park and in front of the Manor House. Many masters of fine arts, decorative and applied arts presented their works. Moreover, various entertaining and useful master-classes were held. In front of Polenov’s Dacha gardeners and farmers from Abramtsevo, Khotkovo and Sergiev Posad showed their best achievements. The staff of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” prepared and gave unique tours for the guests. Veranda of Manor Estate House was the place to hear the stories about flowers (presentation of the breeder and author of several sorts of phlox Yury Reprev). On the meadow in front of Polenov's Dacha folk music group "Funs of Khkotkovo" ("Khotkovo's zabavi") performed its show program.







Exhibition “The Truth of the Nude"

The Nude Genre in Russian Painting and Graphics of the 50-70s of the Last Century



Exhibition period: August 12 – September 2017

Location: Polenov's Dacha


Exhibition of works in the Nude genre presents more than 40 paintings.

Exposition includes works of graphic artist, book illustrator and one of the organizers of the group “13” Nikolay Kuzmin (1890-1987) and the Soviet painter Semyon Chuikov (1902-1980) from the funds of the Museum.

The basis of the exhibition is formed by paintings of graphic artist, painter and cartoonist Vitaliy Goryaev (1910-1982). The custodian of his heritage, art historian Natalia Anikina provided these works for use in this exhibition.

The exhibition has a retrospective character and covers the period from the 50s to the 70s. The spectator will see all details on which the artists drew their attention when studied the plasticity of female body.

The organizers chose a sufficiently powerful name for this exhibition; it has both a definition and a challenge. The artist through his art, intuitive understanding of peace and its verges invites his visitor to take part in a dialogue. Exhibition “The Truth of the Nude” allows to continue this dialogue and, beyond doubt, each of us will have own truth.







Exhibition “The Way of Salvation” by Anatoliy Sysolov



Exhibition period: August 4 –September 20, 2017

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


August 4, 2017 an exhibition “The Way of Salvation” by the sculptor, the honored artist of Russia Anatoliy Sysolov began its work. The exhibition coincided with the 90th anniversary from the birth of author.

Anatoliy Sysolov is a truly Russian national artist, a passionate proponent and continuer of the best traditions of native art. He is a master of genre composition and portrait. His works have an actuality of ideological intention, a certain completeness of volumes, realistic generality of images, a delicate symbolism. His creativity is free from external declamatory message; images created by him are always expressive and very emotional.

His creative path is marked by the projects of monuments, many of which are installed in different cities of Russia. Among of them are the sculptural images of the state leaders and the heroes of the Revolution. Five of his works decorate the façade of Kursk atomic station.

A special place in the zone of author’s creativity takes place a theme of the Great Patriotic War. The sculptor brings his own “fresh eyes” and the subjectivity of the perception into decision of this theme; he himself aspired towards the individualization of the image. It is important for author to perpetuate the heroic deed of the Soviet soldier, and to reflect an emotional state of surviving war people.

The author is especially proud of monuments and memorials to the memory of soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War in Kasimov, Kaluga, Krasnoarmeisk, Krymsk, in Barkovo village of Pushkino district, in Mamontovskiy village, in Skoropuskovskiy village and in Ptitsegrad of Sergiev Posad district.

In the late 1980s Anatoliy Sysolov experienced the carved Orthodox icon. The restoration of ancient traditions of carved icons with painting and gilding, creation of Orthodox sculpture and the sculpture on the religious plots became the leading lines of the creativity of sculptor during last years. Carved icons and reliefs by Anatoliy Sysolov have the graceful drawing, fine plastic and definition of shade figures, harmony of decorative and ornamental motives, and softness of colors. Carved icons by Anatoliy Sysolov have earned the approval of hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The artist is one of the initiators of the foundation of section of the Temple art at the Moscow Artists Union and is an active participant of exhibitions of section of the temple art.

The exposition presents works of many years from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” and the collection of author. It includes more than 50 sculpture works, 15 reliefs and carved icons, and more than 50 graphic works.





Meeting with Restorers of the Igor Grabar All-Russia Art Research and Restoration Centre



August 10, 2017 at 15.00 p.m. a meeting with restorers of the Igor Grabar All-Russia Art Research and Restoration Centre will be held at the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. The occasion is the return of the picturesque painting “Landscape” believed to be in Gustave Courbet’s own hand to the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. This work belonged to the collection of the owner of Abramtsevo Artistic Circle Savva Mamontov.

Before the process of restoration the painting was on the verge of extinction. In view of the difficulty of restoration works and large size (178x227 cm), the painting was sent for restoration to the Igor Grabar All-Russia Art Research and Restoration Centre. The complex and painstaking work for its recovery took several years. True, after the tragic fire in Grabar centre in July 2010, all work started from scratch.

As the result after the 10th year restoration, the painting is returned to Abramtsevo.

July 2017 the painting was delivered to Abramtsevo and this time is presented in the Manor House.



Plein-Air at Abramtsevo



July 22, 2017 an open-air event “Plein-Air 2017” was held at the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.







The Relic Returned to Abramtsevo


July 4, 2017 after many years of restoration the painting “Landscape”, believed to be in Gustave Courbet’s own hand, was delivered at Abramtsevo. This work belonged to the collection of the owner of Abramtsevo Artistic Circle Savva Mamontov.

Before the process of restoration the painting was on the verge of extinction. In view of the difficulty of restoration works and large size (178x227 cm), the painting was sent for restoration to the Igor Grabar All-Russia Art Research and Restoration Centre. The complex and painstaking work for it's recovery took several years. True, after the tragic fire in Grabar centre in July 2010, all work started from scratch.

As the result after the 10th year restoration, the painting returns to Abramtsevo. Many thanks to wonderful masters of Grabar centre (restorer S.A. Levaev, manager N.S. Koshkina)!










Seminar of Literary Museums at Abramtsevo



June 19-20, 2017 a seminar of the directors of Russian literary museums named after N.V. Shalakhova “Literary and memorial museums in the 19th century. Traditions and novations” and the 12th conference of Association of Pushkin’s Museums were held at Abramtsevo .

The participants of the event had a trip to the historical sites of memory in Abramtsevo and its vicinities, were near Alyonushkin pond in Akhtyrka, where Viktor Vasnetsov made the studies to his famous painting. In addition the group toured the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, and finally a musical evening with participation of the soloist of Bolshoi Theatre Marat Gali and the honored artist of Russia Olga Guryakova was held in theatre hall of Manor house.

Moreover, the conference featured presentations and a round table on theme “The authenticity of literary and memorial space: fact-myth-fact”. The participants of the seminar visited cultural and educational center “Dubrava” named after an archpriest Alexander Men, his Memorial Complex, an exhibition “The Son of Man”, office of Father Alexander in his house and the temple complex in honour of St. Sergius of Radonezh. In Sergiev Posad they took guided tour in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra and visited the burial grounds of Maxim Grek and Ivan Aksakov. Then the conference continued at the Museum-Reserve "Muranovo Estate named after F. Tyutchev”.






Exhibition “Cimmeria of Maximilian Voloshin”



Exhibition period: June 10 – July 2017

Location: Polenov's Dacha


Exhibition “Cimmeria of Maximilian Voloshin” in the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” is an unprecedented case for its force, beauty, surprise and sensation. 150 museum items from the collections of the Voloshin Museum (Koktebel) and the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” are exhibited in Polenov’s Dacha. These paintings have never left the Museum of the poet and Abramtsevo museum. It is well-known that the occasion for this project is the 140th anniversary from the birth of Maximilian Voloshin. This exhibition is organized by the Historical-cultural, memorial Museum-Reserve “Cimmeria of M.A. Voloshin”, the Voloshin Museum, Abramtsevo State Historical, Artistic and Literary Museum-Reserve with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Crimean Republican branch of All-Russian creative public organization “Union of Artists of Russia”. Sponsored by VTB Bank.

Maximilian Voloshin (May 28, 1877 – November 8, 1932) was a Russian poet of Ukrainian-German origin. He was one of the significant representatives of the Symbolist movement in Russian culture and literature. He became famous as a poet and a critic of literature and the arts, being published in many contemporary magazines of the early 20th century, including Vesy, Zolotoye runo ('The Golden Fleece'), and Apollon. He was known for his brilliant translations of a number of French poetic and prose works into Russian.

Voloshin glorifies Cimmeria. His fascinating watercolors show hills, valleys with stones and wormwood fields, lunar landscapes with rocks and view on Karadag. An influence of the East it is possible to guess in stylistics of colored drawings. And this guess will be right. Poems had become his life’s work. Painting has become the desire of his soul.

Cimmeria of Maximilian Voloshin is not only his favored Koktebel with a lot of odd tuffets and precious jems, but also with its beautiful, horrible or fabulous myths. Moreover, it is also the Scythians, the Hellenes and the Genoese, Goths and the Slavs, whose history developed on these shores.

His watercolors are different. Here you have a feeling that time has frozen. They are contemplative and meditative; they show the face of the Earth and the soul of artist at the same time.

The exhibition presents works by Voloshin as an artist for different times: etchings of the Paris period, early tempera and Gouache, watercolors dated the 1920s. The visitor could look at a chiton and a staff of master, handicraft art objects from the House of a Poet, such as shelves, a сupboard, a casket. A death mask of Maximilian Voloshin, made by V.E. Zhukov and S.D. Merkulov, is presented at the exhibition also.

The exhibition runs till the end of July, 2017.






Exhibition of Works by Artists from Crimea at Abramtsevo



Exhibition period: June 10 - July 9, 2017

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


June 10, 2017 Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” opened an exhibition, dedicated to Crimea. Name of the exhibition is “A Fascination. Crimea – Abramtsevo” at the end of the plein-air of the Crimean artists near Abramtsevo in May 23-30, 2017 within the framework of the XI International Festival “The Great Russian Word”.

All artists-exhibitors are the participants of the past plain-air, honoured artists of Ukraine, laureates of the State Prize of Crimea: Nikolay Dudchenko, Roman Tretyakov, Ramazan Useinov, Eleonora Shcheglova, Elena Molchanova-Dudchenko. All of them are the contemporary representatives of the school of the Cimmerian landscape. And the founders of the "Cimmerian" school of painting were such famous artists as Ivan Aivazovsky, Konstantin Bogaevsky, Maximilian Voloshin, Mikhail Latri, Lev Lagorio. This vision is even more interesting considering that all of them are our contemporaries, and they have a new fresh look at our Abramtsevo.





Exhibition “From Birchbark to Paper”



Exhibition period: May 24 - June 20, 2017

Location: Arts and Crafts Department (23, Kooperativnaya str., Khotkovo)


May 24, 2017 Arts and Crafts Department of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo” opened a new exhibition “From Birchbark to Paper. The Old Russian Book from the Collection of the Novgorod Museum- Reserve”.

This exhibition is devoted to the history and evolution of Russian manuscript and old printed books, from the oldest (ceraes and birchbarks), medieval manuscripts to the printed books of religious and secular content.

The contribution of Novgorod to the development of the Old Russian script is unique. The ancient city of Velikiy Novgorod is the prominent center of Russian culture and books. This is one of the largest centers of education, chronicle writing and literacy. The third of the Old Slavic and Old Russian books is from the Novgorod land.

The exhibition is a space education project that is oriented towards the development of knowledge about the origin of writing and books, based on the materials from the Novgorod Museum-Reserve. Exposition includes more than 50 archeological items, birchbarks, the old manuscript and printed books of the XI-XIX centuries.





Exhibition “Savva Mamontov. The Road. Nyandoma” at “Nyan’s House”


The local history center “Nyan’s House” opened the exhibition “Mamontov. The Road. Nyandoma”, devoted to the history of the Mamontovs family.

The member of guardian council of the local history center E.N. Simonova brought wide format images from the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”, opening an opportunity to enter a vanished world of happy residents of the famous estate. These photos tell a little known history of “the girl with peaches” Vera Mamontova, her brothers and the sister… Life of this family could be particularly interesting to the local citizens among of which there the name “mamons” is still existing, and in memory of their ancestors who built the railway road of Savva Mamontov. Moreover, Nyandoma town was founded due to the creation of the railway road built up by Savva Mamontov.









Exhibition “Vera Mamontova. Girl with Peaches”



Exhibition period: March 5 – June 2017

Location: Cultural and educational center “Dubrava” (16, Parkovaya str., micro district Semkhoz, Sergiev Posad district)


March 5, 2017 the cultural and educational center “Dubrava” opened the exhibition “Vera Mamontova. Girl with Peaches”.

The exhibition presents photos from the collection of the Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”. There you will see the first years of Vera’s life, moments of Manor’s life, her close circle – relatives, friends and famous artists.

The exhibition coincided with the 130th anniversary of the portrait “Girl with Peaches”. Entrance is free.


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